Episode 134: Karim’s Arabic Disco

Lebanese-born and living in Montreal for the past 10 years, we met Karim Haydar at one of our parties up north a few years back and stayed in touch. Then he sent us this dope mix of Crew Love jams awhile back and asked us if he could ever appear on The Adventures of Soul Clap. We always support up and coming DJs and Crew Love is True Love, so we said “give it a shot”. The first mix he turned in had a great early summer vibe, but we were really busy finishing our album and didn’t have time to post it. Then he opened for us at the Love Train party in Lebanon and we got to talking about his Arabic disco roots. That really intrigued me, so I asked him to try a mix of the jams that influenced him growing up. Part of the point of The Adventures is to push DJs out of their comfort zone and this is a perfect example of magic coming from exploration!

Some words from Karim:

In this episode, I fly you through a journey of carefully selected Disco/Funk tracks produced by some of the best musicians in the Arab, Turkish and French world such as Omar Souleyman, Elias Rahbani & his Orchestra,etc… This mix represents the domination of the Ottoman Empire in Lebanon and the Arab world between the year 1516 until the end of World War 1 in 1918. The colonization was followed by the French until 1943. Lebanon has been “Free” since. Midway through 2016 and we are still witnessing useless conflicts around the world, caused by a handful who seeks power and money. We should focus less on our political differences and shift that focus to what unites us as humans. Music has always been a universal language.

Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz feat. Metin Alatli (Baris K Edit) – Kamuran Akkor
Mawal Menzal (Original Mix) – Omar Souleyman
La Dance De Nadia (Original Mix) – Elias Rahbani
Ana Ouna – Maurice El Médioni meets Roberto Rodriguez
Donme Dolap (Baris K Edit) – Modern Folk Uclusu
Instrumental – Elias Rahbani
Tawwalt El Gheba feat. Gilles Peterson (Original Mix) – Omar Souleyman
Y’a du blues (Tans Pis C’est La Vie) – Marché Noir
Liza Liza – Elias Rahbani & his Orchestra
Summer Love – Elias Rahbani & His Orchestra
Laure Ohoubouki – Feiruz

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Episode 134: Karim’s Arabic Disco

Episode 117: Bamboozle’s BBQ Jamz Volume 2

Two podcasts in two weeks?! You’re probably pinching your self like, “am I dreaming”? No you are not. We had to keep the music coming, because in honor of one of the biggest BBQ weekends of the year in the good ol’ U.S.A. we’re bringing you the long awaited follow up to Bamboozle’s BBQ Jamz. Hard to believe it’s been almost two years since the first edition, but here we are, back again with that serious old school funk and soul plus an afro, latin, caribean twist all mixed together from 7″ vinyl. So get ready for the last weekend of summer and get grilling this Labor Day, no matter what country you’re from or in!

Elvis Presley – Crawfish
Charmaine Burnette – Am I The Same Girl
Analog Players Society – Coule’Ba
Starship Connection – We Can Go All Night
Garfield Fleming – Don’t Send Me Away
Ben E King – Supernatural
C.K. Mann – Funky Hilife
Setenta – Guapeta
The Revolution Of St. Vincent – The Little You Say
DeRobert & The Half-Truths – Stayin’ On Point
Ripple – I Don’t Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky
Aurra – Perfect Date
Bobby Darin – Minnie The Moocher
Zilla Mays – Calypso Blues
Shabba Ranks ft. Home T & Cocoa Tea – Pirate’s Anthem
Kan Sano – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 117: Bamboozle’s BBQ Jamz Volume 2

Episode 116: Dre’s Master Mix

Ouch, we sure have been slacking on posting podcasts this year, but we have a bunch of nice ones lined up for you, out loyal listeners, starting with this perfect summer vibe. It’s another mix curated by my wife, Andrea and mixed by me (Eli aka Bamboozle). You may remember her Rebirth Mix from last year. Well this one is much more fun. In fact, it’s a celebration of Andrea getting her masters degree earlier this summer! It’s full of funky goodness, with a heavy dose of Afro vibes and it’s the perfect way to start your day (or night). So leave your insecurities behind and get ready to shake your behind.

Circle City Band – Hello Stranger
Yasmin Hamdan – Deny (Holmes Price Remix)
Charles & Eddy – Would I Lie (Kurc & Monsieur M. Extended Baby Bounce Edit)
Shadow – Let’s Get Together (Whiskey Barons Rework)
Shaka Bundu – Shichangani
John Wizards – Iyongwe
Elements Of Live Interlude
Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (Nooma’s Beatbroken Remix)
Thundercat – Oh Sheit It’s X
Mbiri Young Stars – Ndiri Ndanogio Niwe
Kalambya Boys – Kivelenge
The Bank – Lagos Tahoe (Leftside Wobble Remix)
Fela Kuti – Opposite People (Bosq Rework)

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 116: Dre’s Master Mix

Afro Week: Top 10 Multi Culti Jams of 2013 Pt 2

All this week we’re paying tribute to Nelson Mandela here on the Soul Clap blog by celebrating the music of his home continent and beyond. 2013 was an amazing year for Afro and Afro influenced music, in fact, it’s the year of Multi-Culti and in Mandela’s honor we’ll be exploring this budding genre.


Part 1 of our Multi Culti Top 10 covered Afro sounds. Now part 2 picks up around July in Montreal. We were hanging with Thomas Von Party (who runs Turbo Records) at a secret gig after we played Osheaga Festival. Then I played African Shakedown and he freaked out! There’s something so special about that record that forces me to share it and I’ve given away four copies this year (and we’re giving away another one right here on this blog on Monday!), one of those was to Thomas after our set. Then he told me about the new label he was about to launch called a href=”https://soundcloud.com/multiculti”>Multi Culti and we ended up back at his place listening to his collection of modern electronic music from all over the world. From that moment on I started exploring more Latin and Arab sounds and they feature here on Part 2 of our Multi Culti Top 10.

MKRNI – Pongi Pongi EP

This is the second release on Thomas’ Multi Culti label and boy is it a banger. MKRNI are from Santiago, Chile and The whole EP is dope so make sure to check it on soundcloud.

Omar Souleyman – Wenu Wenu

We originally found this via Fact mag who were all over it because it’s Four Tet produced. As soon as we heard this one we copped it on iTunes and have played it over and over again. It’s a little heavy for our sets but so unique and emotional with such a powerful beat. This has been a great intro to contemporary Arab music for us and the Syrian Souleyman has been a leading light for awhile. His entire new album is produced by Four Tet and it’s required listening.

Analog Players Society – Coule’Ba

We’ve loved Analog Players Society ever since their cover of “I Can’t Wait” became our anthem last summer. So we were overjoyed to receive their latest red 7″ vinyl in the mail from awesome Brooklyn label Discovery a few months back. This is probably the band and labels best music yet and the low key, lo-fi Afro vibes took us straight through the summer.

Matias Aguayo – Aonde

My favorite song (Rrrrr is a close 2nd) off of Aguayo’s awesome album, “The Visitor”. It was released earlier this year on his label calledCómeme, which has been a leader in the Multi Culti sounds for a few years now. If you’re looking for proof or just inspiration, make sure to check their amazing broadcast called Radio Cómeme.

Juan Soto – Mágica Música Mística

A Mexican cosmic disco journey that was unearthed by Nick Monaco and led to many a mysterious dancefloor moment this year.

Episode 112: Bosq’s Multi Culti Vibe 4 Afro Week

All this week we’re paying tribute to Nelson Mandela here on the Soul Clap blog by celebrating the music of his home continent and beyond. 2013 was an amazing year for Afro and Afro influenced music, in fact, it’s the year of Multi Culti and in Mandela’s honor we’ll be exploring this budding genre.

At this point your probably tired of hearing us talk about Bosq, but if 2013 was the year of Multi Culti than Bosq was definately our artist of the year. Not only was “More Heavy” our number one dancefloor bomb, but over the course of the year we dropped almost every track from his “Bosq Y Orquestra De Madera” album at some party or other and that doesn’t even do justice to how wonderful the album is to listen to at home or on your headphones. By taking classic Afro and Latin ideas and mixing them with modern drums and production he embodied the Multi Culti sound of 2013 like no one else. And while many of the Multi Culti jams we’ve been playing are edits, Bosq provided the spark of original music that we hope other producers continue into 2014. Sure it helps that he’s from Boston and we love to rep our home city. It also helps that he’s a super tight DJ with a unique sound and a rad dude on top of that. So with all these things going for him, it was only fitting to end the year with a podcast by the man himself…

Words from Bosq:
“I was kind of surprised when Eli told me that the Afro funk sound was starting to gain momentum in dance music, probably cause I’m cut off from the world here in boston doing whatever weird shit pops into my head. I really hope it’s true though! Either way I thought it’d be cool to put together a mix of homies who have been doing it for a while (heavily littered with my own joints, both old new and unreleased) of course while including some of the originators who inspire my music. All in all though, it’s just a bunch of funky shit that happens to have heavy Afro Latin currents throughout. Hope y’all enjoy! Then go buy my album after.”

words from tony allen
Fela – Who are you (bosqs mellow out rework)
Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra – Only Now (bosq remix)
Jungle Fire – Comencemos (whiskey barons remix)
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Rise Up
Manu Dibango – African Battle (Honest Lee Edit)
Bosq – Movin On
Hamilton Bohannon – Me & The Gang
Nina Simone – See-line woman (Darrel Asbury edit)
Sol Power All-Stars – Catch Monkey Dub
Tony Allen – Afro Disco beat
Stevie Wonder – Another Star (bosq rework)
Fela & Roy Ayers – 2000 black (bosq rework)
Bosq – Up & Down (Nigeria 76 Mix)

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 112: Bosq’s Multi Culti Vibe

Afro Week: Top 10 Multi Culti Jams of 2013 Pt 1

All this week we’re paying tribute to Nelson Mandela here on the Soul Clap blog by celebrating the music of his home continent and beyond. 2013 was an amazing year for Afro and Afro influenced music, in fact, it’s the year of Multi-Culti and in Mandela’s honor we’ll be exploring this budding genre.


2013 was a banner year for dance music’s global popularity, something we couldn’t be more excited about. Unfortunately, this rise also means that the music is getting watered down to the point that this year it seemed almost impossible to find new and original dance music that spoke to our souls. For DJs like us who are always trying to take risks and push our audience in new directions this is a problem. The lack of dance music with soul might also have to with the current dominant sounds going either dark (techno), boring (tech-house) or pumpingpumping (EDM). Rather than whine and complain, we got to doing what we do best, DIGGING! We started to explore new genres (and parts of the world) for inspiration on the dancefloor and 2013 became the year that MULTI CULTI was born.

It actually began at the end of 2012 when Boston homie Bosq sent us his first single on Ubiquity Records, “Dem Know” and when we started playing it people went nuts. Bosq put a contemporary twist on Afro-Funk and it was so fresh to hear it going off at party. Then we found this record when we were in Berlin in March, followed by this one and it was clear that there was an Afro-Funk rebirth kicking off.

For part one of our top 10 Multi-Culti jams of 2013 we explore this Afro-Funk revival (in no particular order):

Bosq ft. Kaleta – More Heavy

As we mentioned above Bosq is from Boston and has been turning out dope edits as part of Whiskey Barons (http://whiskeybarons.com/) for a few years, but it’s his new album “Bosq Y Orquestra de Madera” that dropped this year on the legendary Ubiquity Records that really has us moving. Ever since “Dem Know”, we’ve played at least one of the album tracks at every gig and “More Heavy” is probably the best. If you like this one make sure to check the album for more Afro-Latin-Future-Dopeness!

Shaka Bundu – Penny Penny

We found this one via the amazing Awesome Tapes From Africa (http://www.awesometapes.com), who just re-released this through his label. Shaka Bundu is from South Africa and this jam from his ’94 debut tape is on some serious Soul II Soul meets Afro funkiness.

Ata Kak – Daa Nyinaa (Noema’s Tribute Edit)

One of our highlights of the summer was dropping this at the Crew Love party in Barcelona, but that was only one of many magic moments with this track in 2013. It’s on the African Shakedown edits vinyl, which was the first Afro-Edits vinyl we found this year and it’s going for upwards of $40 on discogs these days.

Ajukaja – Benga Benga (edit of Samba Mapangala & Virunga – Yembele)

The second amazing Afro-Edit record we picked up on our March Soul Clap Records tour, we scooped this mysterious bootleg at the Rush Hour Shop in Amsterdam. This one is probably the deepest and most musical of all the Afro-Edits and always takes the party to really spiritual place. After tons of digging we’ve figured out that this was released on an Estonian label called Porridge Bullet and the original tack is by Samba Mapangala from Congo.

Fela Kuti – Shakara (Ossie’s Bump Edit)

This one came out later in the summer on The Love Below (the homies from somethinksounds‘ edit offshoot) and proceeded to mash up every dancefloor we played it for. The most modern and high energy of these jams, it was definately a secret weapon of 2013.