THUMP Report from Movement 2014

TV Lounge
Photo Credit: Seth Archambault

Vice blog THUMP covered the positive changes in Detroit through the city’s Movement festival plus our House of EFUNK party at TV Lounge. we had a blast in the D and hope that in the future more people come to experience America’s toughest city… and some great music!


House of EFUNK at Movement Festival!

Get Your Tix for the House of EFUNK

ohhhkay, here’s a big one. Paxahau & Red Bull have made it possible for us to bring together a bunch of our favorite music-making pals from ALL corners of the EFUNK universe, all for a special Detroit bash during the Movement Festival! We’re talking George Clinton (!), the Crew Love clan, Heidi, The Egyptian Lover, Stacey Pullen, Justin Martin… the list goes on!

House of EFUNK is on Saturday, May 24th. Get your tickets here!