Snack Pack Jack Attack 10: Fase Miusic Sender Live

After another wild night at Midweek Techno, our favorite Argentines came through the studio to throw it down proper on the Snack Pack…


Etienne De Crecy – Prix Choc
Cheek – Venue (Sunshine People Mix)
Yellow Sox – Flim Flam (Unreleased Mix)
? – Buddha Will Make You Happy?
Rob Mello – Love Nasty
Deep Sensation – Better Love (Voodoo Dub)
Kerri Chandler – Something Wrong
Lucy Pearl – Don’t Mess With My Man (Mood II Swing Dub)
Johnny Fiasco presents: D’Luxe – Groove On (Moonchild’s Groovin’ Mix)




Snack Pack Jack Attack 5 w/ Memek

This week we had Memek from minimoo, NYC come down to the basement studio and throw down a special guest mix of his signature minimal sound and some surprisingly funky deepness. Memek played at Midweek Techno last night and totally beat it, so don’t miss him at minitek festival in NYC September 12th-14th (which we just heard is going down next to the ferris wheel on Coney Island, woah)!

Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak II/ILarry Heard – Space Jungle
Ferrer & Sydenham Inc – Double Penetration (Jerome’s Demo Dub 2)
Stevie Wonder – Make Sure You’re Sure (Shelter Instrumental)
Common Factor – Feel What I Feel
Soul Clap – The Giraffe (Franco Cinelli Mix)
Lazy Fat People – Big City

**Special Guest: Memek (minimoo, NYC) IN THE MIX**
Sety – Mogane (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix)
Bukaddor & Fishbeck – Decade
Tom Clark – What You Find (Phage & Daniel Dreier Remix)
Lemos – Who Do You Believe In?
Minilogue – It’s A Nice Way To Give Feedback (Heinrichs & Hitenfellner Laughing Jackall Remix)
Daniel Dreier – Horny
Mathias Mesteno – Steak & Chops
Fase Miusic Sender – Veo Mi Terraza
Secret Exclusive!
Secret Exclusive!
Mathias Mesteno Emile
Guy Gerber – Disorientation (Reboot Remix)
Johnny D – Orbitallife
Secret Exclusive Edit!
Christian Burkhardt – Doubledub
Lemos – Noodle Soup
**Special Guest: Memek (minimoo, NYC) IN THE MIX**

Liquid Liquid – Scraper Out



Episode 14: Paulo’s Language of the Bea(s)t

The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 14: Paulo's Language of the Bea(s)t

I recently got an email from young Paulo with the title “Is it evil enough?” and a tracklist for his new mix. Who knows what possessed him to try to make the most evil mix possible only like a week after he moved to beautiful Buenos Aires, where the weather is still nice even though it’s winter time, but damn, the kid turned it out with some serious deep darkness. It was even harder for me to post this mix with the weather in Boston straight up 90F and humid for like the last 2 weeks, but luckily today it’s raining so I feel a little evil. You can see the kid’s development from Paulocast to this mix, with super stylized track selection and more complex mixes, plus he put 2 Shackleton tracks on it! The Villalobos remix of Blood On My Hands (where the title for the mix is from) is def one of my top 5 tracks of ’07 it’s just so darkdarkevil that it’s hard to rinse, so props to P for getting it in right. Oh yeah and if you didn’t know already the kid is coming back to Boston for DOTC4.

1. Margaret Dygas – Day After
2. Franco Cinelli – Altekh
3. False – Fed on Youth
4. Leonel Castillo – Con Hilo de Nylon
5. DJ Koze – Pattern Wirtschaft
6. Beck – Cell Phone’s Dead (Ricardo Villalobos Entlebuch Remix)
7. The Chemical Brothers – Do It Again (Audion House Arrest Remix)
8. Dominik Eulberg – Rotbauchunken (Robag Wruhme Remix)
9. Pan Pot – What is What
10. Shackleton – Blood on my Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Remix)
11. Wink – Have to get Back (Vox Version)
12. Toni Rios – Psycho Circus
13. Anja Schneider – Loop de Mer
14. Schackleton – Next to Nothing (Original Mix)

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Episode 7: Paulocast

I hope you enjoyed techno week and anyone who made it out to see Carl had as much fun as me. Pictures will be up as soon as I find my camera and we have audio from the nite that will be up soon too. Now, onto important business, The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 7! You’ve probably been seeing Paulo mentioned on our site for awhile now, from the minifunk party he played with us to his insane nites at Sagra in Davis Square to rocking techno in a friends dorm room til 5:30am last nite, dude is killing it right now and this week we finally get a chance to feature the music of our favorite Frenchy. Young Paulo knows as much about the minimal sound as anyone I know and for this mix he blesses us with some new favorites plus older gems. So subscribe now and then come to minifunk 2 on Friday, May 4th at Caprice!


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