Episode 31: Melee, King Of Tech-Funk

DJ Melee is a phenomenon amongst men, whose unlimited enthusiasm and funkyass DJ sets have made him one of the most important people to the New England dance music landscape over the last decade. From his Shadows of Society raves in the late 90’s, to his Friday residency at Avalon Boston (before they tore it down), to his work for Redbull Music Academy bringing legendary artists like Bernard Purdie to Boston, to his excellent selections as a buyer at Satellite Records and now as founding member of LAB Boston, Melee puts in serious work to make our home base a better place for electronic beats.

Melee’s style has evolved from an early love of breakbeats into what he likes to call tech-funk, which he describes as “a term that covers an open-minded combination of breaks, house, techno & electro.” All we know is that Melee always comes funky and banging and this is a perfect mix to get you fired up for the festival season! Here’s some final words from the man himself: “I made this mix especially for my buddy’s at the Soulclap. It’s a blend of the finest tech-funk out there. I spit hot fiya, blast ya speakers and tickle ya fannys.”

Emjae “Can You Handle It” *AudioJack Rmx*
Andre Crom “Tomographie” (Spektre_remix)
Phil Kieran “Missp” (Original_Mix)
Harvey Mckay “Reflex” (Zodiac Cartel Remix)
Dopamine “Ah_Baby” (Elite_Force_Remix)
Lee_Coombs_and_Nick_Thayer “TechFunkMonster” (original_mix)
Break the Box ”My Brothas Spring” (Philipe_De_Boyar_Remix)
Missy Elliot “She’s a bitch” (Stupid Fresh Mix)
D Ramirez and James Mowbray “Time Fades Away”
Jacob London “The First Chapter” (Original_Mix)
DJulz “Just_So_You_Know” (Original_Mix)
Moguai “Kick Out The Jams” (Style of Eye remix) melee edit*


1/16/08 DJ Melee & Pat Fontes

This week DJ Melee touched down with long time friend and Wednesdays resident Pat Fontes. Melee is originally from Mars but has been a driving force in Boston’s electronic music zone for a long time. He worked with Pat at Satellite Boston for ages and now is the buyer at our city’s only electronic music record store Lab (they also have dope t-shirts and hats and art shows too). This 2 hour live recording is both of them and it’s both dirty and technoy. Enjoy.