Episode 37: Loren is Turning Japanese

Boston native Loren Lindsley has been supporting nightlife in the local scene for eons. It was unknown, however, until recently that he is also a collector of electronic music and one hell of a DJ!

Here is what Loren had to say about his set: “The mix has a deep, dark, and moody sound — more of a dreamy introspective head-trip than a dancefloor set, but with a few glitchy tracks thrown in to keep the energy up. I included a few tracks from Japanese producers and/or Japanese labels, and those sort of set the tone for it (starting right at the first track).”

Shout to Loren for coming correct. For more info, check him out here.

Hideo Kobayashi & Jerome Sydenham – Climbing Tateshina
Shonky – Time Zero
The Skull – Lovesong
Argy & Jerome Sydenham – In The Mist
Italoboyz & SozAdams – Yoshimitzu Randa
Oliver Huntemann – La Boum
Doublehalfer & Lame – Lexy
P.Toile – Tigre Della Stella (Dachshund Remix)
Solomun – Deadman
Italoboyz – Viktor Casanova (Samim Remix)
Shin Nishimura – Voodoo Camp (Osamu M Remix)
Federico Milani – The Train Is Late
Minilogue – Space (Bukaddor & Fishbeck Tedium Interlude Remix)
Damon Wild & Norman – Guava