Episode 132: Lele Sacchi’s Baggy Mix

Funny how time flies. Seems like yesterday that we were touring with Nightplane and Nick Monaco for the launch of Soul Clap Records. Hard to believe that was almost 4 years ago! But it was at a dinner during that tour that one of our biggest Italian supporters, Lele Sacchi, told us how much Nightplane’s EP (the first release on our label) reminded him of the UK “baggy” movement of the late 80’s to early 90’s. Then he promised us he would make us a mix of the music for The Adventures. Well here we are, years down the line and he’s finally sent us the mix. It was a major labor of love and we’re excited to share it with you, The Infamous Baggy Mix…

Lele’s Words:
When at a dinner with Eli, Charlie and some other Crew Lovers in Milan a couple of years ago we ended up chatting about the so called ‘baggy’ music scene (those typical romantic subjects of DJ dinners…) I noticed that I was the only one old and european enough to remember it first hand!
This eventually lead to this mix here that showcases not only what should really be considered the baggy/Madchester original sound but some other bits of the crossover sound between indie and dance cultures that permeated mostly the UK scene between 1988 and 1992 (with a big influence of the Italian house scene of the era, here represented by TC) and that helped so many kids like myself with a punky/alternative rock background understand ‘groove’ and DJ culture (I still remember like it was yesterday a very early 90’s (1991?) Charlatans show where girls were properly dancing… never saw that before at an indie band live gig! And you know what effect girls dancing can have on the weak mind of a 16 years old)

I could have made an ‘Andy Weatherall mixes’ only choice for such he has been pivotal to pioneer that crossover of sounds, but tried to get a mix of some of the obvious (but how can you escape choosing Primals and Roses on this sound?) and some obscure or rare stuff that made myself happy as a teenager back then before deciding that actually I had to try to do my best not to get a proper job and live off music. Which, at the end of the day, is the best definition of being a DJ.

DEPTH CHARGE ‘Bounty Killers’ (Vinyl Solution, 1989)
PRIMAL SCREAM ‘Come Together’ Andrew Weatherall mix (Creation, 1990)
THE MOONFLOWERS ‘Get Higher (The Get Dubber mix)’ (Heavenly, 1990)
HAPPY MONDAYS ‘Hallelujah’ Club mix (Factory, 1990)
ST ETIENNE ‘Only Love can break your heart’ Kenlou B-Boy mix (Warner, 1991)
THE FARM ‘Stepping stone’ Gary Allan mix (Produce, 1990)
ELECTRONIC ‘Get the message’ DNA grove mix (Factory, 1991)
T-COY ‘Carino’ (Deconstruction, 1987)
PRIMAL SCREAM ‘Don’t Fight it, feel it’ Scat mix (Creation, 1991)
TC 1991 ‘1991’ Berry version (Paradise Project, 1991)
THE STONE ROSES ‘Fool’s Gold’ (Silvertone, 1989)
MY BLOODY VALENTINE ‘Soon’ Andrew Weatherall mix (Creation, 1990)
A.R.KANE ‘Crack Up’ Rhythm mix (Rough Trade, 1990)
THE SHAMEN ‘Make it mine’ Lenny D V1.1 (One Little Indian, 1990)
808 STATE ‘Pacific 202’ (ZTT, 1989)
CHAPTERHOUSE ‘Mesmerise’ Remix (Dedicated, 1991)

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 132: Lele Sachi’s Baggy Mix