House is Back, Jack (RF-016)

Sebo K

Finally its happening, after 2 years of being washed up by a wave of minimal, techno and electro, HOUSE music begins its triumphant return. Ah yes, a return to the organic drums, organ hits, garage shuffle, jacking Chicago and maybe even (gasp) a vocal or two! How amazing is dance music in 2008? SO amazing.

One of the signs that really caught my attention was back in July 2007 when Spectral Sound‘s Ryan Elliot performed in Cambridge @ the Phoenix Landing. He brought the dopest flavors to his mix. It was like this bouncy techno sound that was littered with House music and Garage accents. Like, one minute he’s playing a brand new release and the next he’s mixing Master’s At Work “The Bounce”, or K.O.T’s “Simon Says Bounce” (wait thats weird, they both have bounce in title… go figure). The point is, in context suddenly these old tunes sounded like they could be new releases.

In 2008 house music was all over WMC. At the underground parties and the after-hours, house didnt dominate like the sounds of tech and minimal (how could it when the headliners are Magda, Anja Schneider and Konrad Black) but at all the right moments, it poked its head out as if to say “hi, remember me, I’m house music, and I’m so damn refreshing right now its not even funny”.

So who’s playing what and what did we hear?

Junior Vasquez
– Get Your Hands Off My Man (Sound Factory Mix) [Tribal America – 1994] BUY
The Italoboyz (Mothership, Get Physical) really brought the garage and Chicago sound alive in their DJ set at The Cheap Sunglasses After-hours at PS14. They got on the decks around 11:00am and played with tremendous feeling and originality. Of course they dropped a grip of their own tunes, including the jacking new Mothership release that samples John Coltrane called “Bahia”, but it was an edit of Junior Vasquez’s “Get Your Hands Of My Man” that brought us all back, way back, for an “oh shit” moment.

Track Assassin
– Gimmie Da Drumz [Catalyst Records – 2001] BUY
Sebo K (Mobilee, Get Physical) was the other DJ who just absolutely brought the classic sounds to the party. We saw him twice, first at the Mobilee party on the rooftop of the Townhouse Hotel where he was just killing the old school. He dropped Eddie Amador‘s anthem “House Music” on Yoshitoshi, another jam that was so familiar it made us forget, and this DJ Sneak banger, “Gimmie Tha Drumz” under his Track Assassin moniker on Dust Traxx sister label Catalyst Records

Josh One
Contemplation (King Britt’s Funke Mix) [Electromatrix – 2001] BUY
As if one performance from the Sebonator wasn’t enough, the man was back in the spotlight (or should we say sunlight) at Sunday School For Degenerates at Pawn Shop. Sandwiched between a tag team set from Joel Mull & Adam Beyer and then Steve Bug, Sebo brought back the house music bounce, dropping “Gimmie Da Drumz” again as well as an edit of King Britt’s remix of “Contemplation” by Josh One, a personal favorite that I haven’t heard in ages.

Thank the gods its all coming back!