Episode 114: Jules Born (Voices Of Black)

Last week we opened our inbox to a musical surprise. Jules from Voices Of Black had sent us a dope mix! Now, obviously the invitation for mixes from the Crew Love extended family is always open here at The Adventures of Soul Clap, but it’s rare that someone actually comes through with anything. And this mix isn’t just anything, it’s that future funk served up the way only the V.O.B.s can do it. When I thanked Jules, he said “Been listening to em for so long I was just like Let me make a Raw ass mix HHAHA”. So here it is. Take a trip and bump it from here to…

1. Voices of Black- Lake Tahoe (Interlude)
2. Kendrick Lamar- Sherane a.k.a. Master Splinter
3. Kareem Riggins- OOOOaaaaah
4. Jules Born- So Hope Opera (Instrumental)
5. Voices of Black- Radiant Child
6. Cuthead-Transgressions
7. Kyle Hall- Must See
8. Madlib feat Freddie Gibbs- Shame (Instrumental)
9. Parliament- Mother Ship Connection (Star Child) Live in Oakland
10. Dam Funk- Fadin
11. Glass Candy- Rollin Down The Hills
12. James White & The Blacks- Contort Yourself
13. Was Not Was- Tell Me That I’m Dreaming
14. Actress- Senorita
15. Brian Jackson & Gill Scott Heron- The Bottle
16. Kareem Riggins- 12’s in 8
17. Tanner Ross- Straight To The Moon
18. Voices of Black- Evolution
19. Madlib- The Sky (Beyond Sight)
20. Jules Born- In My Own Mind (Instrumental)
21. Jai Paul- (Un named Song)
22. Das Ding- A Dark Place
23. Voices of Black feat Rap Lisa- Une Semaine Avec Lui (Instrumental)
24. Jailai- Can’t Catch Me
25. Cortex-Prelude (Shout Outs Outro)
26. Roco feat. Future & Wiz Khalifa- U.O.N.E.O.
27. Vde N Nite- Wet Twerk (produced by Jules Born)
28. Prada Mane- Hot 97 Freestyle
29. Gordon Voidwell- Homemade VHS (Hell’s Kitchen Edit)
30. Sampha- Can’t Get Close (Jules Born Live sample chop Beat Practice)

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 114: Jules Born (Voices Of Black)