Episode 20: Tel Aviv Limited

wailing wall for the all israeli soul clap podcast

Those of you that know us already, already know, but most of you probably had no idea about the inside Soulclap! scoop you are about to be let in on. Thats right, if you didnt guess already, both Cnyce and your’s truly, the Heaviest E, are members of the tribe, aka big freakin jews (I mean our last names are Levine and Goldstein)! And now we finally have the chance to let you into our world for a very special 20th Episode celebration: a mix of all music by Israeli producers. Why did we do it? Well, for the last year Israeli producers have been getting some serious run on some serious labels. Led by the late bloomer himself, Guy Gerbers recent album on Cocoon and Shlomi Abers just dropped long player on Renaissance (a former lame label that has actually been putting out goodness recently), the new generation of Israeli techno/tech-house now even have their own imprints like Be As One and Supplement Facts well under way. So when we were asked to do an interview for Shebrew Magazine we knew just what to do, give our lovely Jewish ladies (and all you people too thanks to association) just what they were waiting for: TECHNO. So one last time for the slow ones, all the tracks on this mix are by or remixed by Israelis (look it up on discogs if you dont believe us) and MAZEL-TOV!

1. Soulclap! Slach-Nu Intro
2. Chaim – Dana (Guy Gerber Mix)
3. Zidan Style, Chaim and K300 – Bedolff (Guy Gerber Remix)
4. Shlomi Aber ft. Lemon – Moods (Gel Abril Deep Involved Mix)
5. Guy Gerber and Chaim – Beaches
6. Gel Abril – Very Wrong (Chaim Remix)
7. Guy Gerber – Shayn
8. Thugfucker – Blatant Promotion (Guy Gerber and Hadas Reshuffle Mix)
9. Paul Nazca – Legende (Guy Gerber and Chaim Remix)
10. Shlomi Aber – Freakside (Gel Abril Acid Rework)
11. Shlomi Aber – Freakside (Original Mix)
12. Itamar Sagi – Dreams Theater
13. Guy Gerber – Belly Dancing
14. Itamar Sagi, Gel Abril – Weird BAO
15. Chaim – Cosa Nostra
16. REshuffle – Paparatzi
17. Chaim – Genesis
18. Shlomi Aber – Tel Aviv Garden (Shlomi Twisted Dub)
19. Gel Abril and Itamar Sagi – Sparta
20. Guy J – Agent Blue
21. Guy Gerber – The Pilgrim
22. Ubu – Pixels (Guy Gerber Late Check Out Remix)
23. Chaim – Carolin
24. Guy Gerber and Shlomi Aber – After Love
25. Gamma Rox – Mystical

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Episode 20: Tel Aviv Limited – The All Israeli Mix