Episode 35: Inanna, Goddess Of Love & War

The words I chose for the title of the latest episode of the podcast are either really appropriate or not appropriate at all. I think they really fit the musical stylings of this deep, moody and melodic techno mix that Inanna turned our for us, but after knowing her for so many years I can’t really say that I would use a word that implies violence when describing Jamie’s personality. I guess it’s more her love of electronic music that makes the name Inanna fit so well, because she’s been around long enough to say she played garage and 2-step with me at Runnin’ Fridays and countless other ghetto New England area events. These days she’s busy showcasing her more mature brand of techno on ear catching original tracks, her own label (La Folia Recordings) and of course, right here on The Adventures Of Soul Clap! For more on Inanna make sure to check the interview on Midweek Techno.

Replica – Difuzor – La Folia Recordings
Lost Tape – Trickski – Sonar Kollektiv
Morning Sun – Amtek E Freak – Punk’iD Digital
Cloudy Bay – Martin ButtRich – Poker Flat
Belize – Anja Schnieder – Mobilee
The World Inside – Inanna – La Folia Recordings
Asha – Pantha Du Prince – Dial Records
L Arnuque – Reynold – Persona
Micropunct (Vocal Edit) – Difuzor – La Folia Recordings

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Inanna (La Folia Recs) Interview & Mix

This Wednesday (6/18/08) we’re pleased to welcome former Bostonian and current LAer Inanna as she celebrates the launch of her brand new La Folia Recordings. But before you come hear it, read what she has to say…

What’s your inspiration for La Folia? The name and vision.
La Folia is type of melody, contrary to what most people think, that it is the word for flower, foliage or some sort of vegetation in a european language.
The logo is a bit misleading in that regard. It is an interpretation of a rose, which has many meanings and its safe to assume I probably found inspiration from all of them. The three roses also has significance, in that there is three, and three, as a trinity was an inspiration.

I wanted to create a platform with the label to not only release my own music, and people who’s music I admire, but music by other artists who were unique, and a little different then the status quo. Creativity and experimentation is the core idea. The focus was mainly intended to be on melodic music across all genres but we have some rhythmic based music in there as well, and listening music as well as dancing.

What’s it take to start a label these days?
You know I’m not really sure; music firstly. Inspiration. Knowledge and experience is helpful. Cash is also very helpful, so any investors out there I’m looking. The rest I am sort of making up as I go along and letting intuition guide me. 11 years in it, and being in LA for several years, I was fortunate to meet successful label owners, and artists and just being around them, you pick things up.

You’ve come a long way from playing 2-Step at rave parties in New England. How has your style developed and what has influenced you?

What I play and produce is vastly different then what I was doing when I started. I love so many different genres of electronic music but felt the need to really focus on one style, at least narrow it down to a couple anyway. I started out influenced by Chicago deep house from all the Providence house weeklies I would go to every week. At the same time I was putting on and playing the 2-step weeklies I also had residencies and gigs for deep house. Speed garage is what lead me to 2-Step. When grime became the thing, and 2-step was on its demise, I just couldn’t get into it and started looking back to house, then techno. I have always been into melody based music, emotive and deep music with thick bass-lines. Techno and minimal for the most part lack that cheeky vibe much of the 2-step I played had, and my sound just naturally evolved into what I like to sometimes call emo-techno.

What was the first record you ever bought? Your most treasured record?
You know I’m not sure! I remember the record store, but have no recollection of the records. It was a nice pile of deep house. My most treasured record is actually an original pressing of Crosby Stills and Nash self tiled album from 1969 my friend Henry gave me.

Where you from? Where you at?
Literally or figuratively I wonder. I’m right where I started from, literally. I’m living with my Mom! Did I just admit that? How did this happen. Well life has brought me here, only for a little while longer. Its where Im going that matters most to me right now, destination Europe.

What was the best place you ever played? What was the wierdest place you ever played?
I played in Mexico to about 4500 people, for four hours, and was on right after Nortec Collective which played with a 10 piece band. I was completely scared, I mean how do you top 3 producers and a 10 piece band in costume! That was just insane, and it was awesome! The crowd loved it and just had so much fun. One of my most favorite sets to play though was a Tuesday night in Boston DJ Melee used to throw. The crowd was small but I just had so much fun that night and I’ll always remember it.
Maybe the ski resort rave in vermont where there were crazy ravers walking around while families of four were on vacation. It was not really that cool.

Top 5 songs of all-time?

Judy Blue Eyes – Crosby Still and Nash
Nocturne in C sharp minor – Chopin
Space Oddity – David Bowie
Close To Me – Cure
Because – The Beatles

Top 5 songs right now?
Summer – Fulmen – Republika Records
New Speakers – Kaine – Spacetalk Recordings
Klopfgerausch – Erman Erim – Terminal M
TrÀumchen – Housemeister – allyoucanbeat
Harzer Roller – Dominik Eulberg, Gabriel Ananda – United Recordings

2 truths and a lie

The trees can talk. I know what your thinking. I watch Oprah.

Proudest musical accomplishment

Starting the label. I’m already astonished at what I’v done with it in such a short time and can’t wait to keep going with it.

Vinyl or digital?
I want my cake and to eat it too. Why must I have one over the other?