THE NINETIES 4: Armand Part 2 – Cutting / Henry St.

armand van helden old skool junkies on soul clap house music blog
armand van helden old skool junkies on soul clap house music blog

So I was gunna do all Armand’s ’94 house works in one post, but there are too many tunes and the 4 labels he was on are too long to fit in one line of the post title. So I’m breaking into 2 parts, but here’s a little info that applies to this post and the one coming tomorrow. 1994 was the year that Armand broke out and defined the hard edged new garage sound that carried him and NYC’s house labels through the mid ’90s and ultimately played a huge role in the creation of the entire UK garage movement (actually wikipedia’s entry has a ton of errors so maybe someday I’ll have time to update it).

Tonja Dantzler – In And Out Of My Life (AV8 Mix) DOWNLOAD
This remix was actually released in 1993 on ‘tique Records a sub-label of Woburn, MA based Critique Records, which also released albums from early ’90s acts 2 Unlimited and Digital Underground! The chopped up vocals and tough swing beats on Armand’s mix laid out the framework for his ’94 releases and the new garage house sound.

Armand & The Banana Spliffs – Crusty The Caveman (Land Of The Lost Mix) DOWNLOAD
This EP came out on Cutting Records Traxx in ’94 and has 2 all-time Soul Clap secret weapons on it so I gotta post my least favorite on it. If you are dieing to get your hands on 2 of the best ska/dancehall/house tracks ever then you will buy my second copy of this vinyl.

Old School Junkies – Heh Baby –
Armand’s first Old Skool Junkies EP came out in 1994 on Henry Street and has 3 top choice party cuts PLUS beat tools for all of ’em. All 3 tracks are necessary, but this one is often overlooked in favor of voguing anthem Work Me! (Gadamit). It’s disco house looper that samples Tata Vega’s “Get It Up For Love” (edited to perfection by Dimitri From Paris in 2002).

Once again…if you like this music then you will LOVE the new album so…MAKE SURE TO BUY THE NEW ALBUM ON CD HERE OR DIGITAL HERE!