Snack Pack Jack Attack 8: Dilo & Gurtz Live!

That’s Gurtz on the couch on the left…

If you missed these 2 at Midweek Techno last week, we’re sorry but as usual our recorder broke (whatever you do, don’t buy an M-Audio Micortrack II) and we don’t have a recording of the absolute mayhem that they created. Lucky for us (and you) Dilo & Gurtz came by the studio the day after and through down live sets on the Snack Pack Jack Attack. Yum 🙂

**Soul Clap in da meeex**
Les Go – Dan Gna (Sacred Rhythms Drum)
Masters At Work – Mind Fluid (Nuyorican Soul)
Lil Louis – Conversation
Robbie Tronco – Walk 4 Me
Atmosfear – Dancing In Outer Space (Lunar Beats)
Brutal Bill – Woman Of Angels
Martin Buttrich – Cruise Control
Ritzi Lee – Apres Minuit
Iz & Diz – Flygroove

Dilo – Live Set

Jerome Sydenham – Stockholm – Go Bang!

Gurtz – Live Set



Dilo & Gurtz Are Also Aquatic

This Wednesday it’s another AirDrop special at Phoenix Landing as these 2 Argentine innovators make a Boston stop on their North American tour to share their uniquely latin, experimental, minimal sounds. Dilo is the founder of igloo-recs, which releases some of the best South American (and beyond) minimal you can find today and has been a major player in the worldwide techno scene since 2003. Gurtz is a master of sound and texture and he’s rocked his crazy live sets all over the world. If you don’t know about these guys production work you need to open your ears right away! They’ve remixed been remixed by artists like Ryan Crosson, Seph, Dapayk, Dandy Jack, Franco Cinelli, Funzion, Easy Changes, Barem, (a)pendics.shuffle & Agaric and now you can hear these amazing lads for yourself 🙂

Dilo tracks on Beatport

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Gurtz tracks on Beatport

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