Episode 75: G$ aka G-Moaney and Tracey Morgan in The New Black

If you’ve ever been sent a promo by Gadi Mizrahi from Wolf + Lamb you’ve probably noticed the (G$) after the filename. At first we were kind of confused but then he explained that he puts that there after he masters a track on the system at The Marcy and then we started calling it the G$ pump. Of course Gadi soon just became G$ and when he discovered a newfound love for hip-hop it seemed even more appropriate. It’s pretty surprising that a native Brooklynite only got into hip-hop later in life but there are lots of things about G$ that are surprising, like this mix, which randomly appeared in our inboxes the day we got to Berlin. Obviously we’re all massive 30 Rock fans, but it seems G$ loves Tracey Morgan so much that he made this mix, an hour long journey through deep and heavy hip-hop, trip-hop and of course Tracey Morgan. When he told us we could podcast it we pooped in the pool and we hope you’re just as excited by this totally unique creation from one of dance music’s true visionaries and of course one of our closest friends. So with out further ado…

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The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 75:
G$ aka G-Moaney & Tracey Morgan in The New Black