Episode 138: Funk Rimini, Bounce Da Jam Vol. II

After way too long of a hiatus here at The Adventures Of Soul Clap we’re back with something special direct from Rimini, Italy. Bounce Da Jam Volume II, a personal tribute by Ricky Cardelli to the golden era of electro breakbeats, the mid 80’s. A special set of original tracks featuring Kambo, Oder and Crimson from the Funk Rimini Crew.

Some words from Ricky:

I was watching breakdancing videos on youtube every night, fascinated by the way the breaker feels the music, the way the funk explodes in his body. When Eli asked me to make a set for his podcast, the idea was to make a breakbeat mix, but i was looking at my record collection, and most of my electro breakbeat records were used for Mixology Radio “Funk in the Machine” Mix.

Then i started to look at my studio equipment, Roland 707, R8, a Korg Volca Beats (cheap 808!), JX3P, Akai Ax60 a Moog Rogue, Microkorg (cool vocoder!) a string machine, Yamaha Sy 77 and think, I’m in the 80’s! i can make Electro breakbeats and mix the songs! The first beat on the 707 and “Electro Rock” came out, and in two weeks the whole thing was done, Bounce.

Like in the first “Bounce da Jam”, I made every track to be beat-matched like in a DJ set, but without records; a real flow-working jam made with drum machines, synths and samples. This jam Is dedicated to all the B-Boys and B-Girls all over the world. Let’s B-B-B-Break!

Funk Rimini presents: Mr.Ricky’s Bounce Da Jam vol. II
feat: DJ Kambo, Oder, Crimson from Funk Rimini
1 – Electro Rock
2 – Get Down on the Dance Floor
3 – This Smoke Gets Me High
4 – The Room Needs Rocking
5 – The Electro Hustle
6 – Locking to House beats
7 – Nothing Can Stop us, John, Nothing!
8 – Acid Cosmo
9 – Real Sunset
10 – Break It Down
11- Rock to the beat
12 – Roller-skate Jam
13 – Power
14 – The Sun
15 – The big finale: Mega Mix

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Episode 138: Funk Rimini, Bounce Da Jam Vol II