Episode 124: C.love’s Great Edit Mix Vol 1

Art by Sofia Badaoui

Has C.love taken over our podcast? Maybe, this is her third episode in 2 years (Episode 107 and Episode 118). But, ever since I heard my first C.love mix while getting measured for my wedding costume at Jackie Taylor‘s studio in Berlin I’ve been hooked on her unique style. As far as I’ve heard (and I’ve heard a lot), C.love makes the most original and enjoyable mixes out there. So it’s only right that we keep featuring on The Adventures again and again and again…

This special edition celebrates the release of her first record ever, Gator Boots 5. So after you get deep on this mix, go get that record. Ya heard?!

And here’s some words from the lover herself…

“Hello All You Listeners Out There. This Summer the team over at Soul Clap pressed my first vinyl Gator Boots Vol. 5!!!! In celebration of this momentous release I put together a Podcast. As the title suggests this is a mix of edits only. In fact, only edits I have made. As a self-taught producer edits have been my biggest teacher. Discovering how to construct songs by deconstructing what others have done. I hope y’all enjoy!

PS. This mix goes down really well with a cold beer and some BBQ.”

Intro: A Personal Dialog with Dolly Parton
1. Dolly Parton “House of the Rising Sun” -C.love ReWork (Gatorboots Vol. 5)
2. 18+ “All The Time ft. Butchy Fuego” – C.love Edit
3. Stevie Wonder/A.D./C.love “In The Mood the Love Her” – C.love Mash-up
4. Taco “Putting on the Ritz” – C.love Edit
5. Kazino “Binary” – C.love Edit
6. Escape From NY “Fire In My Heart” – C.love Edit
7. Ready For the World “Oh, She-Love” – C.love ReWork (Gatorboots Vol. 5)
8. Bill Withers “Rail Road Man” -C.love Edit
9. Doris Day “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” – C.love Edit
10. The Zombies “She’s Not There” -C.love ReWork
11. Afet Serenay “Maden Dagi” – C.love’s Turkish Bass Edit
12. Serge Gainsbourg “Bonnie & Clyde” – C.love Edit
13. G.M.O.M. “Hamouda” – C.love Re-Imagined
14. Ryan Paris “Dolce Vita” – C.love’s Deep Down Edit
15. Aretha Franklin “Say A Little” -C.love ReWork (Gatorboots Vol. 5)
Extro: A Personal Dialog with Dolly Parton

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The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 124: C.love – The Great Edit Mix Vol 1

Episode 122: K Civ’s Soul Cast

Last month we dropped a beautiful edit EP from one of our favorite Boston DJs, K Civ. Now we bring you a podcast so you can hear why we love him so much! A nice little smooth out soul cast mix. An eclectic soul tickler mix, full of unreleased edits/mixes along with some serious dance floor grooves.

Here’s a little more from his bio:

For nearly 20 years K Civ (aka DJ KC Hallett) has brought healing, empowerment and joy to many lives through music. K Civ’s passion with music began as a dance enthusiast who traveled hundreds of miles from all over New England and NY frequenting many venues including “The Loft” in Boston and “Shelter” in New York City. However an injury which could have been perceived as a misfortune actually was the opportunity for a transition that allowed him to manifest his love of music by bringing it to others. He started collecting and mixing records to keep him involved with the music he loved. It started with just Deep House music but has branched out into many genres of music. As he stays true to the House music sound he also has a love for Jazz, R&B soul, D&B, Techno, Reggae, Disco Classics, Global Soul, etc.

K Civ moved to Boston from New Hampshire in 1998 and started focusing on his DJ career. To help with his initiation into the craft of being a DJ, K Civ worked in three record stores in Boston (Biscuithead, Boston Beat and Satellite records) and spun at numerous venues from Boston to New York. K Civ is well known for being a resident DJ at Soul Revival, which was Boston’s longest running dance party. Soul Revival was noted by both Rolling Stone and Urb Magazine as one of the hottest dance parties in the US. He has also spun with plenty big name DJs in the business (see shared bookings).

1. Charles Earland “Coming To You Live” (intro)
2. Bosq feat. Nicole Willis “Bad For Me” (late night dub)
3. D’Angelo “Betray My Heart” (k civ mix)
4. Eddie Palmieri “Yoruba Chant” (k civ edit)
5. Sampha “Without” (k civ mix)
6. Ancient Deep “The Dancing Balafon”
7. D.Y.A “Horace”
8. Bjork “Stonemilker” (k civ mix)
9. Guy Gerber & Dixon “No Distance”
10. David Anthony & Beverlei Brown “I Don’t Know Why” (manoo remix)
11. Dee Dee Sharp Gamble “Nobody Could Take Your Place” (k civ extended edit)

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The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 122: K Civ’s Soul Cast

FREE DOWNLOAD: Melon pres. Raw Meat Edits


Meaty! Berlin-based Love R Men is still a mystery to us… The man behind the daddyKshunn release on Melon’s Ratio?music imprint still wanders the streets of Germany’s capitol and managed to bump into Melon once again, giving him another tape before disappearing into the dark night looking for another fix. This time Love R Men delivers an excellent extended JB’s forever edit, which has become one of Melon’s secret weapons, causing many hip fractures and sweat burns over the past summer. If you think James’ grooves get old, think again!!!

To complete the package, Je Dàvu aka Melon treats us with another powerful slow burner. A driving bassline and an addictive vocal hook that will get you into a psychedelic transition, a dedication to Melon’s heroes from the 70’s who deeply inspired him… Slow is the new fast, patience is the new energy… This one is for everybody!!!

Enjoy these two free tracks to the fullest!

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/69838568″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Free Download: Rhye X Nick Monaco

Look at that stubble!

Crew Lover Nick Monaco was touched by Rhye song “3 Days” so he decided to touch it right back! Presenting the Nick Monaco retouch of “3 Days”, complete with revamped artwork.



Free Nick Monaco Edit on Mixmag

Nick Monaco on Mixmag

Our boy from the bay Nick Monaco’s edit of Alicia Keys premiered on Mixmag. Check out the article here, and check out the tune below!

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/108843027″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Episode 80: S.A.S Ice Cold Mix

You’ve probably all realized by now that we really love edits. Unfortunately, with the trend getting so popular, our ears have been bombarded with some pretty terrible renditions, both of songs that were already perfect and don’t need any editing, and of songs that are so bad they never needed to be reborn. Enter S.A.S, two guys from Birmingham (Adam Shelton & Subb-an) who caught our ear this year by making totally unique and totally party rocking edits of some of our favorite and forgotten jams from the past. We met Adam at our gig at Motion and he introduced himself by giving us a copy of Tashan’s “Chasin’ A Dream” LP, because we put one of the tracks on a podcast. Anyone who gives us a classic vinyl when we first met clearly knows his shit so we asked him to give us a podcast, and of course he delivered with a dope mix full of edits, samples and a wide range of jams that defines these boys sound. Git it!

1. marky star & the acid orchestra / dork-a-pella
2. romanthony & dj predator / funky flava
3. simon baker / get through
4. falty dl / all in the place
5. the dynamic duo / in the pocket ( hip house mix )
6. kimiesha holmes / love me true ( true love mix )
7. cloudmasterweed/ com’on’join’us ( drivetrain’s black tie mix )
8. coro / where are you tonight
9. bucci,pink elln / mavis 350 ( the mole – who is a pimp lapointe mix )
10. s.a.s / give it dub
11. samin & michael / out of sight
12. antwon faulkner / funky negro ( dj t 1000’s back to the old school remake )
13. anthony mansfield, nick chacona / burning sensations
14. s.a.s / you gotta think
15. hokus pokus / house it up
16. s.a.s / in the candy store
17. s.a.s / ghetto mother’s
18. s.a.s / straight off the bone
19. jimpster / love you better ( jesse rose mix )
20. paul johnson / hear the music

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 80: S.A.S Ice Cold Mix

Episode 63: Till Von Swizzle

Till Von Sein is the master of arrogance. He’s gotta be our favorite German dude mostly because he rocks crispy white tee’s with catchy slogans on them for like maybe two or three uses tops and then throws them away. Plus whenever he’s buying sneakers, homeboy always cops two pair. I mean, if that ain’t keeping it REALLY real in Berlin, than we don’t even know.

In the studio, TVS (as the kids call him) was a force in 2009 putting out soulful and pop infused Berlin sounding tech house with colabs alongside fresh dudes like Catz ‘n Dogz, Tigerskin and Chopstick. So, what will 2010 hold for Tilly Jam? We’ve heard a taste of some new joints allegedly headed to Supplement Facts that are off the hook and if he get’s that track with the “Shanice” sample out of Reason he’d have another bomb! Soul Clap seal of approval, two thumbs up!

All around, Till is just one helluva guy and we’re proud to have him for our first podcast of the 10’s!!! Das da sheeet!

Motorbass – Neptune
Frank West – We do
Tom Gray – Nobody Loves You
TVS & Chopstick – What Going On
Cazzo Dogz- Something Will Come Out
Alland Byallo – All Tuckered Out
That Crazy Kid From Lodz – Love Cant Turn Around
Stevie – I Can Play It (R2 Edit)
Lindness – Gee Up Edit
Talking Heads – Take Me To The River (Noodleman Edit)
This Sweet Love – Prins Thomas Edit

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 63: Till Von Swizzle

Also, in case you missed out, in early December Airdrop started up a free digital release series series called Airdropped. Check out Till Von Sein and Chopsticks previously unreleased remix from our Definition EP.

Episode 62: Phil Is Ill

During our recent visit to the homeland Chicago to play Noe & Fred’s Souvenir party we finally got a chance to hang with Phillip Stone. Many of you may already have this guy’s stuff, just check your iTunes and search for “Phil Edit” or “Phil’s Dub”, that’s where we first saw his name. For year’s Phil has built a name for himself getting his super-DJ-friendly edits of new heat and classic cuts (which he makes with Audacity!!! go figure) into the right hands. Plus with advanced mixing skill, extraordinary programing ability and a slew of high profile DJ gigs opening for the big boys in his home town, it is commonly noted that Phil Stone is Chicago’s best DJ. We’re real pumped to have his contribution to the Adventures of Soul Clap Podcast and seems very fitting to have Phil close out one hell of an amazing year! Closer was a hoserrrrrr 😉

Patchworks – Panama’s Break
Patchworks – Labroke Grove
Shenoda – Do What U Wanna
MarcAshken & Matt Tolfrey – Babygirl (Daniel Sanchez’s 13 mins of Love Rmx)
Chris Lattner – Deep as Hell (Pezzners Sub Floor Dub Mix)
Ryo Murakami – Lost it
Rene Breitbarth – More Doris
Unknown – Feel Love (Bel Ti Caf Edit)
Dj Yellow presents Mindz Kontrol Ultra – No Way You Can Sleep
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts #2
Jef and Chris – Fever (unreleased)
Unreleased (edit of mine)
Nite People (Garage Mix)
Yannah/Eddy – No One’s Gonna Love You (Ilija Rudman Rmx)

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 62: Phil Is Ill

It would be uncivilized to have a podcast from Phillip Stone without giving away one of his edits! So Happy Holidaze from Soul Clap and Phil, here’s a bomb for ya:
Hot Chocolate – Cadillac (Phils Dub Edit) DOWNLOAD