Episode 115: FSQ – Best of 80s 12 inches Vol. 1

Over the last few months, all you loyal clappers have probably heard about the biggest news of our career. That’s right we’ve got an upcoming release with Dr. Funkenstein himself, George Clinton. And if you’ve really been paying attention then you’ve heard or read the story of the collaboration coming together. A big part of that story has been Chuck “Da Fonk” Fishman and Sa’d “The Hourchild” Ali, two men whose lives were brought together by the power of Funkadelic and we now consider our uncles.

We’ll tell the whole story another day, because what’s important right now is their musical project called FSQ or Funk Style Quality a collaboration between them, Boston homie Chas Bronz and Bay Area studio wiz G Koop. We released their debut single Zulu Congo Call on Soul Clap Records a few months back, and now we’re presenting to you a mix that they’ve crafted especially for the Adventures of Soul Clap podcast. A special collection of Chuck’s favorite 80’s dubs. Turn it on and get funky!

Words from Chuck “Da Fonk”
When I think about it – I was really oblivious to the idea of music genres when I first started buying vinyl records in 1983. Everything was just dubbed “New Wave”. I started buying 12″ dance mixes because they had rare B sides and other mixes that were not on the tape cassettes I was previously buying, and plus I could tape them anyways. And all the records sounded like what “new wave” was supposed to sound like – for instance, I didn’t know “Atomic Dog” was a George Clinton, P-Funk record, considered R&B by radio. That jam to me just sounded like another Thomas Dolby record and anyways I heard it during a new wave radio show on WXPN.

I would cut out ads from The Face magazine during the summer camp and send them to my dad so I could have a stack of fresh 12″ waiting for me when I got home. I bought 12″ on the strength of the artwork mainly, we didn’t always have access to reviews or a way to preview records.

This hour long mix from FSQ takes you through some of my favorite dub versions from my 80s 12″ collection. Is this house? Is it disco? Some people even called these versions “Hi-NRG” mixes. This dub mix sound we integrate into our new FSQ productions today; our production sound is highly influenced by the B sides of these 12″ records from the 1980s.

Selections: Chuck Da Fonk Fishman
Mix: Chas Bronz and Chuck Da Fonk Fishman

1. Eddy Grant – Romancing The Stone (Extended Version)
2. Art of Noise – Paranoimia (Extended Mix)
3. Yello – Tied Up (In Africa Part II) (Junior Vasquez production)
4. Sly and Robbie – Move A Little More
5. Talking Heads – Blind [Deaf Dub/Blind Mix] (Arthur Baker production)
6. Devo – Disco Dancer (Bonus Beats)
7. B52s – Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland (Dub) (Latin Rascals production)
8. Scritti Politti feat. Roger Troutman – Boom! There She Was (Dub)
9. Cabaret Voltaire – Don’t Argue (Dub) (B) (Adrian Sherwood production)
10. All She Wants Is (Euro House Dub I) (Shep Pettibone production)
11. Jerry Harrison – Worlds in Collision
12. Bootsy Collins – Party on Plastic A Creative Nuisance (Nobody Understands) (Party Mix)
13. Nile Rodgers – The Land Of The Good Groove (12” instrumental)
14. Ron Ford – Bubble Gum Gangster (Poppin P Mix)
15. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – War (Hidden)
16. Mico Wave – Misunderstood (Dub)
17. Propoganda – Laughed!
18. Grace Jones – Party Girl (Dub)
19. Talk Talk – Happiness Is Easy (Dub)
20. Blancmange – Blind Vision (Dub Version)
21. Duran Duran – Meet El Presidente (Meet El Beat)
22. Warren Zevon – Leave My Monkey Alone (Latin Rascals Dub)
23. Belouis Some – Imagination (Dub Mix)
24. Ron Rogers – Ya Ya

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The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 115: FSQ – Best of 80s 12 inches Vol. 1