mixTape Time 21: DJ Three’s Martini D&B

It sure has been awhiiiile since we did a mixTape time, but when DJ Three sent me this drum & bass mix he did 1996 it seemed like the perfect way to bring it back for 2 reasons. First, because we had Three on mixTape time way back in 2008 before we even knew him personally. Second, because we’ve been loving the old school jungle/d&b sounds lately. It started with our remake of Goldie’s Inner City Life that just dropped on Crosstown Rebels, but seems to have been following us everywhere so we’ve even done our new Beatport chart with all our favorite jungle/d&b classics. Check this mix and you’ll see why!

Here’s a blurb he wrote about it for the Hallucination message board years back…

Rave culture having the musical timeline it does I had always been into drum n
bass and its various incarnations, albiet some more than others. Drum n’ bass
to me was a tempo thing rather than a specific sound, but thats another (rather
unnecessary) story.

(1995 / 1996) Genrally speaking, Drum n Bass was getting knee-deep in its
“golden era” around this time. It was finally starting to cross into other
areas and all sorts of people and artists were taking note. Richie Hawtin was
spotted at Fabio and LTJ Bukem’s “Speed” night in London. Sasha had a chart of
favorites in The Face magazine. Proverbial “outsiders” to the drum n bass scene
like Ashley Beadle and his Balistic Brothers outfit had released an excellent
drum n’ bass record on Junior Boys Own that DJ’s warmed to — the first of many
“outsider” contributions to come. Bjork dated Goldie (LOL). All these signs
of a scene and sound disocvering it was, for now, the eyes of the world.

House and Techno DJ’s from San Francisco (Markie of Wicked) to Paris
(Laurent Garnier) et al were beginning to stretch their wings and incorporate
some bits into their sets much the same way they would some electro,
dub and so on. I had experimented a bit (mostly at Florida institutions Simons
and The Firestone) myself and began to find a common aesthetic between house /
lounge-type crowds and certain drum n’ bass records. So, when i was asked by
Jask (Tampa deep house mainstay / Large Records, Soulphuric etc…) to play the
last night of his long running “Martini Jazz Thursdays” I decided to start
straight from the top with grooves i thought would work, but were certainly not
what anyone was expecting. Recorded off a TDK SA-60 with a little digital work
to fill the gap between side A & B…here’s what went down. Thanks to Jask.
And, thanks for your time. See you on the dance floor.

Jacob’s Optical Stairway – Harsh Realities – Apollo / R&S
Abstract Truth – Get Another Plan (Rob Playford RMX) – Talkin’ Loud
Alex Reece – ??? – ???
Wax Doctor – ???
Alex Reece – Jazz Master (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session)
Photek – KJZ – Science
Spacetime Continuum – Kairo (Subtropic’s Absolute Black Remix) – Reflective
Dave Wallace – Future Realities Pt. 1- All Good Vinyl / R&S
Photek – Rings of Saturn – Photek Recordings
Tortoise – Galapagos (Spring Heel Jack RMX) – Thrill Jockey
Sabres of Paradise – Wilmot 2 – Warp
Jodeci – Feenin’ (LTJ Bukem RMX) – MCA
Goldie – Inner City Life (4 Hero Remix Part 1) – London
Scarface – Never Seen a Man Die (4 Hero RMX) – ???
Aquasky – ??? – Dorado

mixTape Time 21: DJ Three’s Martini D&B Mix (circa 1996)