Episode 67: Demi’s Tribute To Jonny

Life sure is full of coincidences, so i guess it makes sense that we got an email from UK dance music veteran Demi asking us to air a very special mix on our podcast while we were in London in January. While he’s been a major name in the game for a long time many of our listeners might not know Demi, because we’re from different musical worlds, but his SOS crew, which also includes, Omid16B and Desyn Masiello, has always been a guiding light in the world of tech/prog house. For us SOS first came to our attention with Desyn’s superb 2004 Bedrock compilation, which led us to check out an amazing SOS performance at WMC the following year. While their sound might not line up exactly with where we’re at these days, there’s no doubt these guys are DJ’s DJs, with impeccable selection and skill that shine through no matter what your taste.

So now you’re probably wondering how we ended up with a Demi mix on The Adventures Of Soul Clap. Apparently he’s been following our podcast for awhile now and felt it was the perfect home for this awesomely eclectic masterpiece of a mix. What makes this episode even more special is that the mix is a tribute to his friend and influential Londoner Jonny Rhythm who recently passed away and who’s memory lives on through this music.

Here’s what Demi says: “The mix is a reflection of some very special and personal moments shared with him and the eclectic tastes we shared. The mix was a labor of love and ended up being a work in progress for a year because of the varied sounds and samples/snips spliced and put together.”

dexter wensel – life on mars
james brown – (leon roberts tribute)
roy haynes – quiet fire (demdrumZ solo edit)
house of whacks – sister’s daughter vs ignam sabrina (demedit)
scientist – plague of zombies
unknown – on a thursday
soul 2 soul – back to life
chaka khan – ain’t nobody (hallugenic mix)
the doors vs blondie – riders of the storm vs rapture
the doors – roadhouse blues & studio extracts
outside – eagle peak
marsha hunt – oh no (demedit)
jimi hendrix – foxy lady (remix)
herb alpert – rise (demedit)
bob marley – could you be love (demdub edit)
doug wood band – drag racer
ellen Mcllwaine – bon under
spiritual experience – messenger of god
t-coy – carino 90
dirty germain – illusion
womak & womak – strange & funny

The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 67: Demi’s Tribute To Jonny