Episode 77: Death On The Balcony

Not sure if we’ve said it here, but at this point it might be common knowledge that people in Leeds are a buncha nuttas. Needless to say (I mean look at that picture) our friends Paul and Mark aka Death On The Balcony are no exception. You probably know them from their awesome Cruel Banana edit on our Clap & Friends FreE.P., but these guys actually booked us our second UK gig ever when we played their Emmanuel’s Party Bucket party in Leeds. Yep, the same set we posted 3 parts of on our this here podcast last year and you can check out here, here and here. In many ways D.O.T.B. are also our brothers from other mothers as they hold down pop nights in Leeds and basically play as wide range of music as they need to survive as DJs in a small town (just like we did for so long). Now, it seems like they’re making like The Clap and outgrowing their small town roots by making some serious waves with their original productions for their Magicbag label, some awesome remixes and even a forthcoming release on Airdrop. We figured this was probably as good a time as any to have them take us on an adventure through their crazy minds of music!

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 77:
Death On The Balcony – Downtown:Uptown