8/23 DOTC DJ Sets Are Here!

If they say there’s no such thing as [cough] bad publicity [cough] then it appears we’ve finally arrived. Big shout to the haters for investing time and money into our promotional efforts! Nice doo doo guys, way to keep it clean and classy.

NOW, to all you wonderful folks who came to D.O.T.C. on 8/23: THANK YOU! You’re probably tired of hearing us always say that we can’t do it without you, but it’s so damn true. It makes us so psyched to have these crazy outdoor dance parties (in Boston/Cambridge no less) that we have to keep saying it over and over again so you know how serious we are. Last Saturday couldn’t have been a more beautiful summer night and despite some technical difficulties with the sound (sorry for that) the recordings of the sets finally came out right. Thanks again to all and especially these guys, some of Boston’s best DJs for holding it down just right. Enjoy!


7p-9p – Damian Silva & Scotch1 special Reggae, Dub, Dubstep set!


9p-10p – Paulo from AirDrop Recs


10p-11p – KC Hallet brings the deep house vibes


11p-12a – Foul Crap stinks it up with some Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis


12a-1a – Caseroc rocks, listen for special treats at end of the night!

The FINAL DOTC of 2008 takes place on Saturday, September 20th. Tanner Ross, Soul Clap, Sergio Santos, Randy Deshaies, Matty Dimond and Mr. Techno himself Pat Fontes will all rock a seemingly endless 4 turntable 2 mixer house/techno barrage to keep you moving. Hope to see everyone there and believe: we WILL BE BACK in 2009!