Episode 46: Crazy Larry Live @ Big Fish, Miami

Back in November, AirDrop had it’s Extraction Release Party for the Pl0t crew in Miami and we rocked it longside Paulo, Tanner Ross and Elon. We always love Miami and we partied hard, real hard, so hard we didn’t wake up until midnight Sat/Sun morn!  As if we were school kids late for class we exploded out of bed (or air mattress) to the sound of a cell phone alarm and raced down to Big Fish. This place is a super-sick outdoor venue where the Safe Music peoples were presenting Cassy with opening duties from the king of all things “cake fart”, the very Crazy Larry.  Lucky for Soul Clap, Larry blessed us with this exclusive recording of his 3 hour mix of expertly programmed deepness, which even features his remix of our forthcoming release for AirDrop Digital called Instafix.

For those who dont know, Crazy Larry is a recent Dever, Colorado transplant who has found his niche in the depths of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Over the past few years his production company Udder Madness (yes like a cow) has teamed up with NYC workhorses Blk-Market Membership to produce some of the USA’s top events including the now infamous Cheap Sunglasses event series.

Sorry NO TRACK LIST, if you’re really irked to know whats playing, reply with a time and we’ll try to ID.

Episode 46: Crazy Larry live @ Big Fish, Miami