Connie Bangs The Drum

Continuing in our recent tradition of bringing New York City’s finest techno artists up 95. This Wednesday (10/15) we’d like to welcome good friend and fellow AirDrop family member Connie to the Midweek Techno decks, yo. Connie is known around the world as one of the finest selectors and her energy behind the decks is up there with the best around, so of course she holds a residency at ReSolute, one of NYC’s top underground dance events. But did you know that Connie also plays the drums in bands in and around NYC, and did we mention her first original production as conSTAR is set to be released on AirDrop’s forthcoming Extraction USA compilation (which also features MWT resident Pat Fontes’ “Ill Lillies” & Soul Clap’s “Astroturfing)? To really understand Connie though, you have to be on a dancefloor that she is beating, or at least hear one of her mixes, luckily AirDrop has featured her twice on their AirPod and she kindly sent us 2 recent mixes to post, so without further ado we present the one and only Conster in the mix!

Connie – Runaway Runaway Mix DOWNLOAD

Connie – High Hummer Mix DOWNLOAD

P.S. if you’re not near the Boston area or can’t make it out, Connie will be performing live on Soul Clap Radio on Thursday (10/16) from 12-2pm. TUNE IN HERE.