minitek/AirDrop Remix Competition

Ever since the announcement in May that the folks who throw the awesome minimoo parties in New York City were organizing a full on electronic music festival, the mothership has been abuzz with excitement for the long overdue birth of the northeast U.S.’s first such event. Now as the date of minitek electronic music and innovation festival fast approaches (8/12-8/14), the festival has teamed up with our good friends over at AirDrop to present a competition to remix AirDrop artist and minitek performer Fase Miusic Sender‘s latest single on the label, Lejano Oeste. Even more exciting? We’re helping judge the competition! We haven’t been that impressed with any of the submissions so far, so all you producers get your versions in by September 3rd and if we like it, your remix will be released on AirDrop.

P.S. minitek is releasing a new exclusive podcast each week leading up to the festival and this is the 6 week one that Fase did.