mixTAPE Time 6: Christian McBride in Outer Space

christian mcbride in outer space on soul clap blog
Christian McBride in outer space

Ok. So it’s not exactly a mixtape, but the Christian McBride Band’s live set recorded recently at The Kennedy Center in DC is probably what techno sounds like when it’s played by jazz musicians in outer space. It’s also a live so it plays continuously and kind of feels like a mixtape (as long as you ignore/ffwd through that annoying woman from NPR). This is some serious future jazz so enjoy it.

And speaking of Jazz. (1) Check out our new amigo DJ Durutti‘s top jazz albums of the 90’s list that he put us on too after checking our Jazz…We Got mixtape. (2) Techno heads need to hear this live pa by Matthew Johnson‘s super-group, Cobblestone Jazz recorded at some club in Amsterdam (thanks Sergio).

Christian McBride Band at the Kennedy Center
Sorry it’s not the usual mp3 links, but NPR uses Real Player and you gotta goto their site to launch it. So click and then you can listen. Blame NPR not us.