Chris Fortier Interview & Chart

Your label just celebrated it’s 50th release, that’s a pretty huge accomplishment in our little dance music world. What’s the philosophy behind the Fade sound & how have you managed to keep it going this long?
the label has always been another creative outlet for me. it has never been a tool for making money or anything financial. it has simply been another way that I can be involved with the music I am really into. I sign tracks that I think are interesting and fresh, but also adding something new to the label’s overall sound and development too. I want to always keep the sound of the label moving forward and growing just as I do as a DJ and a producer. the reason it has been able to continue keep going is that I put out tracks l like and believe in and am ready to stand behind whether it sells 1 copy or 10, 000 copies.

What was the first record you ever bought? Your most treasured record?
the first record I bought when I started buying house music was “a guy called bat” by the beat pirate, and also mickey oliver’s “in ten si t”. the most treasured record, that is tough, I have some that I value and love for the sheer memories they conjure, but choosing one, I might have to choose jc001 – favourite breaks.

Where you from? Where you at?
I was born in Virginia beach, but grew up from 7 years old to mid-20’s in central florida, so I guess I would call florida my original home. but I have been living in nyc for the past 9 years. right now I am doing this interview from mexico. I just finished 3 gigs this weekend here, all really good.

What was the best place you ever played?
the best place ever is hard to nail down to one place, or one gig. but if I have to choose one in the past year, it would be Lebanon. the club was like this underground bunker outside of the city. it was rammed packed and people just going for it to the music. one thing that made it more remarkable was that they had a retractable roof that they would open for effect. so during the nights in certain music themes, the roof would open and the skies and stars peered down and the place would erupt.

What was the weirdest place you ever played?
there have definitely been some weird gigs, with weird setups and weird occurrences. but one gig that was weird on so many levels was a gig a few years ago in venezuela. the gig itself while playing was ok, but the strange and un-nerving thing was that I had these armed guards following me everywhere I went (for protection). they stayed outside my hotel room in the hotel hallway, the followed me into the toilets in the club and restaurants. they blocked people from trying to speak with me or shake my hand. it was pretty uncomfortable the whole experience and not one I am eager to repeat.

Proudest musical accomplishment
proudest musical accomplishment has to be working with sarah mclachlan and delerium on “silence” and watching that become a worldwide hit. something we never expected, but to see it from the studio to becoming a #1 in some many countries and people singing to the words in clubs, it is pretty special.

Vinyl or digital?
vinyl all the way. I will always be a music fan and record collector and do not ever want to lose it. I love everything about vinyl and it gives me the most comfort when I am djing.

Top 5 songs of all-time?
a guy called Gerald – emotions electric
pleasure – please (remix)
unknown dj – basstronic
the klf – kylie said to Jason (remix)
octave one – I believe

Top songs for February ’08
01 R Play – Taper (Synewave)
02 James T Cotton – The Second Night Cycle (Spectral Sounds)
03 Approved Electronic Device – Theme Scheme (W/L)
04 Chris Fortier – As Long As The Moment Exists (Error Error Remix) (EQ)
05 Code Talkers – Land of Thor / So (Fade Records)
06 Marc Romboy & Tyree Cooper – Lost (Ovum)
07 Chris Fortier – Fill In The Blank (40oz Music)
08 Alex Smoke – Vaporub / Blackbody (Hum & Haw)
09 Matthew Styles – Home Loan (DNP)
10 Jerome Syndenham & Tiger Stripes – T + K (Argy Mix) (Ibadan)
11 Off Pop – Down (Rosco Edit) (Popnoramo)
12 Bruno Pronsato – Same Faces, Different Names (Hello Repeat)
13 Juan MP – K_nsthche (Chris Fortier_40oz Remix) (Rocker)
14 Toby Tobias – Breakdown/Schweet (Rekids)
15 Exercise One – Wandering (Lan)
16 Subb an & Matt Mancini – Italia Subculture (Slam Remix) (Leftoom)
17 Style of Eye – Hide / The Big Kazoo (Dirtybird)
18 Amplified Fear – Feel The Fear (OD)
19 Kasper Bjorke – Doesnt Matter (Chris Fortier_40oz Remixes) (Plant Music)
20 Gavin Herlihy – Pranin Braun (Jesse Rose Mix) (True To Form)
21 Bileebob – Sunshine (Agoria Remix) (UR)
22 Marc Antona – Vitamin D (Micro Fibres)
23 Samuel L Sessions – Off The Chain (Drums Mix) (Klap Klap)
24 Friends of Heidi – Heidi (A Mix) (W/L)
25 Swat Squad – Iceberg (Galaktika