Episode 73: Catz n Dogz Do The Laundry

For the next edition of The Adventures Of Soul Clap we’re honored to welcome two astonishing Polish creatures, formerly known as 3 Channels and always known as the hosts with the mosts, ladies and gentlemen we present to you Catz n Dogz! While we’ve been fans of their music for years it wasn’t until we stayed with Voitek during our first journey to Berlin last summer, saw the boys mixing their classic blend of house and techno at Watergate and heard bits off their stunning new album (coming this summer on Mothership) that we realized that Poles could have so much soul. From baking us apple pie to helping with the laundry to booking us at their amazing disco dance party in their home town of Stettin (best pretty girl ratio anywhere?!), these guys have proven to be two of the best hosts around. Now with our Clapz II Dogz collaboration slated for October release on Glass Table Records (including the jamz: Can’t Stand the Rain and Dogz) we figured it was a great time to welcome these two spectacular pets on to the space-train for a little sunny magic to kick off your summer with the best vibes around.

Ben Nevile – Where is Joe (minimono remix)
Hannah Holland – What you feel (james braun remix)
Till von Sein – Sister of Dissey
Rootz – Rootz 04
Tiger and woods – Come on down
Ante Perry – Im so
Zed bias – mighty dub
Jagged – Chicago
Jesse Rose – non stop
Moodyman – I can’t kick (Sensurreal edit)
Somore – I refuse (Phil weeks remix)
Lovebirds – My man (Kink remix)
Knee Deep – Nightwaves
Bang 03 – Bang 03
Unknown – Rock the Cashbah Boogie
Steve bug – The morning after
Chris Carrier – I’m in love today
Caribou – Found out
Daniel Wang – get up stand up
Moloko – sing it back (Herbert remix)
Still going – On And on

The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 73: Catz n Dogz Do The Laundry