ROOTS&FUTURE10: A Night With Stevie Wonder

This image taken in 1974 by Al Satterwhite. Available in limited edition prints at Morrison Hotel Gallery.

This story goes all the way back to the middle of Boston’s unofficial Techno week (last Thursday), on September 20th. It was a very special day for a few reasons, namely because my girlfriend finally turned 18, so we could actually have sex legally and secondly and most importantly, it marked the day that I, Professor Chazshabaz Nizzle III saw Stevie Wonder LIVE in concert. The process by which I came upon these tickets is a combination of a heated last minute bidding war on Ebay and yours truely on his hands and knees begging Mom and Dad. I know, its low, but whatever I saw the man, and who knows, it could be the LAST TIME (gulp!!!).

The Boston show at Bank of America Pavillion (formally Harbor Lights) marked the end of Stevie “A Wonder Summer’s Night” tour. For a while there it seemed like Stevie was done with life on the road, but after his mom passed away last year, it seemed like a tour to commemorate her life and life in general was a good thing to do. Well, it WAS a good thing, in fact probably the BEST concert I have ever seen EVER, even better than SVEN AND RICHIE. Even a few hundred feet away, being in Stevies presence immediately brought tears to my eyes and once he starting to sing, man… FUCKING STEVIE WONDER!

I didnt know how to share the experience with all of you, so I figured the best thing to do would be to copy the set list since DJ’s tend to go gaga over lists of songs anyways… Oh, some of the tunes i didnt recognize, so I just wrote down some lyrics, if anyone wants to comment and fill in the blanks, please do so.

Here it goes:
1. Loves In Need of Love Today
2. Too High
3. Vision In My Mind
4. Living For The City
5. Jammin’ (Master Blaster)
6. cover of P-Funks Mothership Connection performed with a Talk Box
7. Higher Ground
8. Golden Lady
9. Ribbon In The Sky (Duet with his daughter)
10. Overjoyed
11. All Is Fair In Love And War
12. Lately (ya, like the one Jodeci stole)
13. ??? (I think it was What The Fuss, but not sure)
14. ??? “true love forever mine”
15. ridiculously dope percussion break, so funk, so Africa, so Techno
16. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing
17. Sign Sealed Delivered (the Stevie pretended to do it a country westen jam… such a comedian)
18. My Cherie Amour
19. For Once In My Life
20. ??? “time and time again”
21. All I Do
22. Boogie On Reggae Woman
23. Sir Duke
24. I Wish
25. Isn’t She Lovely
26. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
27. Superstition
28. Until

WHEW!!! What a show.. so, how does this translate to Soul Clap? Well, here’s some fresh remixes/adaptations that shaped us and one attempt we made to shape Stevie!

Roy Davis Jr – All I Do DOWNLOAD
Absolute classic release from 1996 on Force Inc Records US. This one took FOREVER for me to find. First heard it on Roy Davis Jr’sFuture Experience” mixtape that I bought at Gramaphone Records while passing thru Chicago on my way to College in Los Angeles. Finally found a copy in Dallas, TX at Bill’s Records, what a crazy place that was…

Stevie Wonder – Too High (Bootleg Remix) DOWNLOAD
DJ Heather played this record sometime a million years ago at a Tropical party back when I was living in L.A. Thought it was the jam then, and I’d still play it under the right circumstances now. Dope, funky and best of all totally Stevie! I can’t figure out who’s mix this is, but the record is a white label with “S W” in red stamp.

Stevie Wonder – Love Light In Flight (Gator Boots’ Fuel Injected Dub)
Lastly an edit we did a few months back. Love Light In Flight is such a dope jam. First heard this when Bomshot sampled it for his Bomb Johnson project. It was my home girl Booty Balls Bounce that pointed out that this jam was off the Woman in Red soundtrack which was written and produced entirely by Stevie himself. Still have yet to see this movie and I suppose so has Stevie (I know, I know, I love you Stevie more than life!)