Roots & Future: Aurra – Satisfaction

Been loving this 80’s boogie/funk re-issue since I grabbed it on 7″ a few months back. Then, when I was in Berlin last week I found the whole Aurra LP at the new OYE Records branch in Ne√ľkolln. The album is called “Satisfaction” and it’s a previously unreleased 1984 masterpiece that Family Groove Records unearthed and released almost 20 years later! Led by the amazing Peoples Potential Unlimited (PPU) label, The last few years have seen a slew of reissues of forgotten and unreleased boogie/funk gems from the 80’s and I love to start the morning out by putting one of these positive vibe splashed albums on the turntable and cooking breakfast with my wife. If you’re into funky music with feeling about love, dancing, friendship and sometimes heartbreak check this album out.