Episode 128: Nicky & Liam’s Summer of Susumu

As you can tell from the title, this mix has a been a long time coming! It was recorded over the summer by our friends Nick & Liam, two brother from a family of 6 boys, who live in Berlin. They are a Canadian-Italian dance-love hybrid. With 12 years between them (Nr.1&6) their tastes span the age gap, creating a sound that is truly fresh & brotherly. We’ve known Nick through our Michelberger family for years now and he introduced us to Liam soon after during a crazy night at Wilde Renate. They’re both creative and especially warm and their summery mix helps us through these cold, dark winter months with love and sunshine.

“This mix consists of tracks which are picked from various era’s, countries and sources. Recorded in the midst of the Berlin summer, the mix has a warm-tiger-and-panda-like energy. As this summer the beloved Susumu Yokota passed away, the mix is dedicated to his work and vast influence in today’s music.

Love & Respect to Eli the Bamboozle and Cnyce for showing us love and being MFSB!

Susumu Yokota – Saku
Remi Mazet – For your Love
Metro Area – Proton Candy
Muddyloops – Sentimental (Joe Black Remix)
Patrice Bäumel – In the Woods
Manuel Tur – I’m Alive (Ugly Drums Remix)
Rheinzand – The First Time
Issa Bagayogo – Poye (Tal M. Klein Remix)
The Jaffers – Somethin’ Changin’ feat. Jayhem (Llorca BoogieBoogie Mix)
Sun Ra – My first trip to Egypt (Acapella)
Life on Planets – Fork in the Path (David Marston & Dan Izco Remix)
Francois K – Looking at the Stars
Susumu Yokota – Your Twinkling Eyes

Recorded at THE FACTORY in Berlin.

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 128: Nicky & Liam’s Summer of Susumu