Paint The Whitehouse Black

Well planet Earth, last night history was made. Love has come around at a most critical time. Pride has been restored in the hearts of so many of us who were led astray over eight excruciating years!

Where ever you were when Obama was declared the winner, remember the moment. You’ve witnessed democracy and freedom in its finest hour! We were with close friends in Brookline, MA wishing of course we could be with the crowds in Chicago and wondering which leaders of American house music would be playing a most historic DJ set in the windy city. Incredibly, our girl Beba Knight was at the center of the entire movement last night, at President Elect Obama’s BARBER SHOP of 14 years. Imagine the energy! Check out her story and other Very Deep Thoughts.

So to set things off right, we’re proud to preview some brand new and exclusive music from our good friend Trusme (Prime Numbers, Manchester U.K.). Just because he can’t vote doesn’t mean he can’t contribute to the spirit of the moment! This official remix will be released on Strutt Records in a few weeks.

Amp Fiddler – Paint The Whitehouse Black (Trusme Remix)

Thank you again, to everyone who made this day possible. Remember, together we can make our dreams come true, you just gotta participate! Here’s to four years of positivity and of course GREAT MUSIC!