Episode 126: Baronhawk’s Phantom Soul Booth

Baronhawk Poitier is a strong name. And since we met a few years back in DC we’ve come to know him as a strong character. A young cat who is fun to hang with, holds it down on the dancefloor, has a deep understanding of the history and represents his own DJ style. Originally from PG County, Maryland we hear the Baltimore club influences, but also DC go-go. hip-hop, and of course house. He’s been trained as a dancer and it shows in his selections that move the floor. But he’s also super creative, and the themed mixes on his soundcloud are all perfect for the headphones.

This mix is no exception. Influenced by The Phantom Tollbooth, a movie Baronhawk loved as a kid, he’s created a mix that’s “totally a nod to Madlib and the way he approaches beat tapes. More of a theatrical audio show rather than just loops of beats.” It’s a special one and we’re so honored to feature it here on The Adventures Of Soul Clap.

Here’s how it all started in Baronhawk’s words:
“While working on “Whether The Weather Man” I was chopping up Lamont Dozier’s “Groovin On A Natural Rain” and I wanted to play on the “Making rain-..” lyric. The scene about weather and rain between Milo and the “Whether Man” instantly jumped in my head as a fun reference. I started remembering all the scenes/ quotes/ characters and decided to go through the beats/ samples I was working on and start piecing similar references together until I could tell the story (an abridged version) through beats.”



01: DNA
02: The Milo Joint
03: Whether The Weatherman
04: Dull Drums
05: Tock’s Theme
06: One Sane Man Left
07: Dr Noise
08: Judges (Who Are They?)


09: Love In The Game
10: One Day (Monday)
11: Mathematicians (a.k.a. Wanna Be MAD So Bad)
12: Sunrise
13: Foolish
14: The Demons of Ignorance
15: Don’t Let Em Hurt You
16: Rhyme & Reason


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The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 126: Baronhawk’s Phantom Soul Booth