THE NINETIES 3: Armand Part 1 – AV8 Records

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I’m a little late on this, but the often mentioned D. Day had an interview with dance music legend (and one time Boston representative) Armand Van Helden last week in the Phoenix. It’s a great piece, with some choice Boston history (including the roots of the Loft and shouts to DJ Bruno) and some reflections on the new album Ghetto Blaster, which brings Armand as close to his hip-hop roots as he’s been since 1997’s often overlooked Sampleslaya album. Remember, this dude’s first releases were on party break institution AV8 Records. So in honor of the new album and also because I need to rip all my old vinyl, I think it’s time for an Armand Van Helden series, beginning right here, right now.

Armand Van Helden – CHA-CHA (The Loft Mix) DOWNLOAD
This is definitely one of my favorite Armand tracks of all time, partly because it was one of the first records I ever bought when it was reissued on Logic Records in 1996. This mix is off one of Armand’s first records, the Pirates of the Caribbean EP, which was released in 1992 and also has the distinction of being the first release on AV8. I love it, because it’s called The Loft Mix and it just breathes old-school Boston flavor. I have doubles of this EP so get at me if you want it.

Armand Van Helden – Spin The Bottle (Axis Mix) DOWNLOAD
Another mix named after a Boston club that’s also a Boston flavored banger. This was on the second Pirates of the Caribbean EP, which was also released in on AV8 after The Funky Shell Toes EP and The Buddha Baboons EP in 1993 (gota love all the crazy names – more on that in the next post). There are better tracks on this record, but I had to put the one named after a Boston landmark up. I have doubles of this EP too so if anyone wants a copy of the vinyl SHOUT!

Gator Boots’ Armand On AV8 Megamix DOWNLOAD
Between the 2 Pirates of the Caribbean EPs and The Funky Shell Toes EP (which is all hip-hop breaks) there are 7 Armand party breaks. The problem is that you just can’t really play most of them because they don’t hit quick enough and I never can decide which is better than the others. So I made a megamix.

Here is the trackslist:
I Can’t Wait (House Head & B-Boy Collaboration Mix)
I’m Searchin (Pass the Peace Mix)
Hurts A Little (Dorchester Bounce-Hall Mix)
You Won’t Getaway (Caps To Back Mix)
Stick-Em (That’s Fresh Mix)
Say Yeah (Shake & Break Mix)
A Deep Hip Hop Kinda Love (After Hours Mix)