J*Davey Does Boston!

When you first hear the name J*Davey you obviously think it’s one person. But obviously you are wrong (see above picture). J*Davey is Jack and Brook Davey. Here’s what we know: Brook is the dude, Jack is the chick, they make some seriously awesome genre bending music and our sister, Abington Von Koo the 3rd went to school with Miss Jack. Soooo, in honor of their show this Sunday (3/8/09) at Harper’s Ferry in Boston (which we are opening for) we had our woman about town catch up with the Daveys (which turned out only to be Brook, even though Abington knows Jack better?) for this wild exposé.

Abby: If you could be any instrument in the world to be played by a skilled and masterful musician, what would you be?
Brook: cello
Abby: What is your favorite sound? (i.e. mine is soda cans opening and the fizz inside) AND what sound do you loathe?
Brook: i love the sound of warm pad chords. i HATE cheesy digital organ sounds.
Abby: What animal do you feel a strong affinity towards?
Brook: Dogs
Abby: Which muppet do you relate most to?
Brook: Grover was always my favorite.
Abby: Whats your damage?
Brook: huh?
Abby: OK, here comes the hippie shit. Inspiration: what person/people, decade, color, emotion, smell, taste, touch, musicians, artists inspire you?
Brook: the entire Post-Punk and Jazz Fusion eras hugely fuel my creativity.
Abby: I consider you both artists, which doesn’t simply throw you into just makers of music. What other things do you make?
Brook: Visual Art & Jewelry.
Abby: What song do you play at least once a day and or on repeat 5 times in a row often?
Brook: J*DaVeY – “Permission”
Abby: What have you learned about yourselves since creating and being J*Davey?
Brook: there’s so much power in sticking to your guns.
Abby: How did you meet and start making music together?
Brook: She tells the story waaay better than i do.
Abby: What is the bain of your existence? What’s your vice? What’s you obsession?
Brook: the bain of my existence is everyday struggles. My vice will always remain a secret. Obsession is one thing i never am or want to be.
Abby: How do you deal with and or get over writers block?
Brook: sometimes you have to just…walk away. it always comes back.
Abby: Who would you love to record/collaborate with?
Brook: Fatlip from the Pharcyde
Abby:  What music deeply affected your childhood ?
Brook: Talking Heads, The Police, and Prince.
Abby: What is electro-cowabunga?

And with this ridiculous question the interview abruptly ended. To find out more make sure to check J*Davey with Soul Clap opening this Sunday (3/8/09) at Harper’s Ferry in Allston.