4/10/18, Eli

The weekly Soul Clap Records Show live from The Lot Radio in Brooklyn with your host Eli aka Bamboozle. 

Kashif – The mood
Womack & the Womack – Night Rider
Cherelle – High Priority
Dennis Edwards – Don’t Look Any Further
Dazz band – I’m the one for fun
Gap get – Get loose, Get funky
Morris Day – The Oak Tree
Colonial Abraham’s – Running
Bell Boys – Sweat the Detail (star creature)
Daniel T – Master Plan
Pacific star – I can Tell
Innerzone Orchestra – untitled
Kai Alce- Dirty South Dirt
Ufff – Untitled
Retrogott & Glenn Astro – Freihandel freestyle
Curtis blow – America
Freddy Fresh – la Chunga
Lady fingers – So Schrwike Schwade
Kent Odessa – Slow Love
Motion graphics – Brass Mechanics
LTJ Bukem – Demon Theme
Underground Resistance – Transition Acapella
UR- Wind chime
Strictly Underground – Get down
Smoked Oak – Jockey Slut
Prodigy – Out of Apace
Bosq – Alode

The Soul Clap Records Show @ The Lot Radio 3/13/18

3/27/18 Eli & Kellam Matthews

The weekly Soul Clap Records Show live from The Lot Radio in Brooklyn with your host Eli aka Bamboozle and special guest Kellam Matthews for the SCR Jungle Special. 

E-live – freaky creatures
Saucy lady – magic dust u-key remix
Ground control – unknown
Moon b -Marine player
Ancient Deep – Le Freq
Pontchartrain – Rio Magdalena
ABRA – u ain’t got to lie ( coco Bryce telling)
Bay B Kane- Float through the jungle at Night VIP
Artificial Intelligence – Is The Real (Zero T Remix)
Coco Bryce – Mandy Inna Dancehall
Charlie Turbo – Border (double O remix)
RuptureLDN- Praise Em
Alaska & Paradox – out of darkness / or nostalgia
Unknown – white label
Solid state – just division (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix)
Calibre – Let me hold you
First Light Sensation – (blue box music)
DJ Die – drop bear 
Dillinia – take my life
Roni size / Reprazent – watching windows (Dj Dies Gnarly Mix)
Gremlinz – unknown
Shimon & Andy C – Night Flight
Pressure Rise – She’s in Your Mind
DJ Zinc – Casino Royale (remix)
Calibre – Highlander
DJ Taktix -The way (JB 2K remix)
Dub one – murder sound
Ini Kamoze – Here comes the Hotstepper (Booyaka remix)

The Soul Clap Records Show @ The Lot Radio 3/27/18

3/20/18 Seth Magoon

The weekly Soul Clap Records Show live from The Lot Radio in Brooklyn Eli was in Miami so Seth Magoon took the drivers seat…

Theo Parrish – Walking Thru The Sky
Elise – Crocodiles Love Coriander
DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell – Complete Spiral
Marcellus Pittman – Obsession
Pearson Sound – Heal Me
Move D & Benjamin Brunn – Honey
John Tejada & Tin Man – Diamond Lanes (Achterbahn D’Amour Remix)
D – Vocal Drift
Norm Talley – Cosmic Waves (Delano Smith Remix)
Bleu Blanc House – Don’t Mess With La Foudre
Shinichiro Yokota – Right Here! Right Now!
Takecha – Freak Out
Sharif Laffrey – Always
Lauer – Prosito
Jon Easley – Lemon Lime 
L’Amour Fou – Sunday Haze
KDJ – Untitled
95 North – Let Yourself Go
Jayda G & Alexa Dash – Diva Bitch (Jayda G’s Get Down On Ur Knees Mix)
Alton Miller – Deep Experience
Jaime Read – Sux
Gerd – Palm Leaves (Mr. Fingers Afropsychojungledub Mix)
Glenn Underground – S.J.U.
Julien Jabre – Sun is Back
Chez Damier – Teach Me, Keep Me
Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers – Hi-Life
Gnork – No Gravity

The Soul Clap Records Show @ The Lot Radio 3/20/18

3/13/18 Eli, Punisher & Dan Bain

The weekly Soul Clap Records Show live from The Lot Radio in Brooklyn with your host Eli aka Bamboozle and special guests Punisher and Dan Bain.


  1. Byron the Aquarius – Feel My Thoughts
  2. Morris Mobley – Rolodexes
  3. Hollie cook – Angel Fire
  4. Motown records – Jacques theme
  5. Lay Far – Never Good Enough for You (feat. Stee Downes)
  6. Mr. Fiddler – Cool About it
  7. Midnight Star – Night Rider
  8. Sun of Lemuria – Nazca & Rigopolar
  9. Omar – feeling you (Henrik Schwarz dub)
  10. Luke Hess – Quick to Hear
  11. Seven Davis Jr. – 99 candles
  12. Moloko – Sing it back (Herbert tasteful dub)
  13. Patrice Scott – music therapy 2
  14. Hamelin – J Nandez
  15. Lorenz – Like a Playa 
  16. Heat – I Need a Freak
  17. AIMES – Groovin’ in Guatemala
  18. Bain – After
  19. Aeroplane – Love on Hold
  20. Veils – Vicious Traditions (Daniel Bortz dub)
  21. Samai – Full tone
  22. Blunted Dummies – House for All
  23. Big chief – Tropical Feedback
  24. Thatmanmonkz – Blow my Mind

The Soul Clap Records Show @ The Lot Radio 3/13/18


Episode 138: Funk Rimini, Bounce Da Jam Vol. II

After way too long of a hiatus here at The Adventures Of Soul Clap we’re back with something special direct from Rimini, Italy. Bounce Da Jam Volume II, a personal tribute by Ricky Cardelli to the golden era of electro breakbeats, the mid 80’s. A special set of original tracks featuring Kambo, Oder and Crimson from the Funk Rimini Crew.

Some words from Ricky:

I was watching breakdancing videos on youtube every night, fascinated by the way the breaker feels the music, the way the funk explodes in his body. When Eli asked me to make a set for his podcast, the idea was to make a breakbeat mix, but i was looking at my record collection, and most of my electro breakbeat records were used for Mixology Radio “Funk in the Machine” Mix.

Then i started to look at my studio equipment, Roland 707, R8, a Korg Volca Beats (cheap 808!), JX3P, Akai Ax60 a Moog Rogue, Microkorg (cool vocoder!) a string machine, Yamaha Sy 77 and think, I’m in the 80’s! i can make Electro breakbeats and mix the songs! The first beat on the 707 and “Electro Rock” came out, and in two weeks the whole thing was done, Bounce.

Like in the first “Bounce da Jam”, I made every track to be beat-matched like in a DJ set, but without records; a real flow-working jam made with drum machines, synths and samples. This jam Is dedicated to all the B-Boys and B-Girls all over the world. Let’s B-B-B-Break!

Funk Rimini presents: Mr.Ricky’s Bounce Da Jam vol. II
feat: DJ Kambo, Oder, Crimson from Funk Rimini
1 – Electro Rock
2 – Get Down on the Dance Floor
3 – This Smoke Gets Me High
4 – The Room Needs Rocking
5 – The Electro Hustle
6 – Locking to House beats
7 – Nothing Can Stop us, John, Nothing!
8 – Acid Cosmo
9 – Real Sunset
10 – Break It Down
11- Rock to the beat
12 – Roller-skate Jam
13 – Power
14 – The Sun
15 – The big finale: Mega Mix

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Episode 138: Funk Rimini, Bounce Da Jam Vol II

Episode 137: Agents Of Vibe

You know we have a soft spot for our home town. From our annual Dancing On The Charles compilation of Boston producers, to the now 10 year running Dancing On The Charles party that gave the comp its name, to Thanksgiving eve at The Phoenix Landing, we always make sure to stay connected to our roots. So when new a new crew of artists starts making waves we pay attention and make sure to give our full support. Enter Agents Of Vibe.

The Agents Of Vibe originated as a production duo comprised of core members, Wiggz Caro and Zachary (Mr Don) Fochi. They were then joined by Boston producer, multi-instrumentalist and incredible vocalist, Matt Carey and often features friends/musicians from their extended Boston family. Their track Baluum was included on this year’s D.O.T.C. comp and they’re sitting on a vault of unreleased music, but their “live” experience is what you really need to see. Wiggz is a multi-instrumentalist Berklee Graduate and Ableton Live teacher/wizard at MMMMAVEN school in Boston. Zak, holds down the 1’s and 2’s and Matt Carey adds live vocals, synths, percussion and whatever new gadget he’s got his hands on.

This is their “Summer hang-out mix”, recorded live with Zak mixing, Matt Carey on vocals and synth, and Wiggz on guitar and ableton push. Enjoy 🙂

Work To Do – Matt Carey (unreleased)
Colibria – Nicola Cruz
Abendrot – N/um
Yae – Agents of VIbe (unreleased)
Symphonic – Wareika *Featuring improv vocals layered on top from Matt Carey)
Perenial Love – Agents of Vibe, Smeed & Suspence +Dan Rourke(unreleased)
Flavors – Agents of Vibe (unreleased)
Hercules (Alkalino Re-Edit) Aaron Neville
Love Unrestrained – Matt Carey, Dan Rourke
Style (Agents of Vibe remix) – David Paglia + Jay Prouty
Feeling you (Henrick Schwarz mix) – Stevie Wonder
Purple – Agents of Vibe ft Hien (unreleased)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Episode 137: Agents Of Vibe

Episode 136: Jack Priest

There’s nothing we love more here on The Adventures Of Soul Clap, than shining the light on upcoming talent, and not only is Jack Priest a name to watch in this game, he’s also been contributing to Crew Love for quite awhile now. As our only UK operative he plays an integral role, repping the crew in merry olde England, but his biggest talent is his knack for edits. From Human League, to Eartha Kitt, to Conan Mockasin, to Love and Rockets, Jack’s reinterpreted jams for many a dancefloor. He’s dropped a bunch of these signature edits on the Crew Love site and an edit 12″ on Wolf + Lamb Black. Now he steps up for an eclectic mix of jams for the podcast. Get to know Jack Priest.

“Ive always been a huge fan of the Adventures Of Soul Clap so compiling a mix was a big challenge. I tried focus on the smoother and more underground side of pop music new and old. Big love to the clap for having me in. PS the mix sounds best when you listen in the bath”

Giorgio Moroder – Leopard Tree Dream 
Connan Mockasin – Im The Man That Will Find You
Tame Impala ‘Cause Im A Man
Sean Nicholas Savage – Naturally
Homeshake – Ok
Part Time – I Wanna Take You Out
Inc – Trust
Vangelis – Blade Runner Blues
Nev Cottee – If I Could Tell You
Cigarettes After Sex Affection
Mood Rings – The Line 
Boards Of Canada – In A Beautiful Place
The Only Face – Bryan Ferry 
Kate Bush – Babooshka 
The Alan Parsons Project – Chinese Whispers
The Wake – Melancholy Man
Blood Orange –
L’Impèratice – Agitations Tropicales

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Episode 136: Jack Priest

Episode 135: Psolomon / Absence

This month the podcast is finally back with more episodes! First up Psolomon Williams aka Absence who we were first introduced to when he rapped on beats by Tanner Ross and Jules Born. Now, as Absence he’s DJing free form house music and we’re happy to share the sounds with you.

Born and Raised in Virginia Beach Virginia, Psolomon Williams aka Absence grew up playing piano at a very young age. In his early teenage years absence created and participated in medal core and hardcore bands. After relocating to Miami in 2011 he first became immersed in house music culture by frequenting venues like The Electric Pickle and Treehouse. Grounded in his Virginia roots along with the cultural melting pot of his Miami surroundings, Absence began to experiment with his music blending electronic, hip hop and elements of Jazz with the song structure of metal. Absence more recently moved to Los Angeles where he is now Djing in a variety of underground dance and electronic music venues and parties. Biggest Influences: Mobb Deep, Metallica, Boy Sets Fire, Tool, Clipse

Laksa- Contrasts
Larry Houl- Barbarian Nights
Peggy Gou- Rose
Floating Points- Nut Sonores
Million Dollar Orchestra- Keeps me up late at night
Dizzy Womack- Slava 47
Dizzy Womack- She Goes Back (Original Mix)
Rhythm and Soul- Late Night City
Times Are Ruff- Great Funkin Times
Rekchampa- 7713GH
Rekchampa- All I Have
Le Yeux- Coco
Dizzy Womack- French Sin
Ohbliv- 94 Gortex Bubble Jacket
Secret Value Orchestra- Serious Intentions

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Episode 135: Psolomon / Absence

Episode 134: Karim’s Arabic Disco

Lebanese-born and living in Montreal for the past 10 years, we met Karim Haydar at one of our parties up north a few years back and stayed in touch. Then he sent us this dope mix of Crew Love jams awhile back and asked us if he could ever appear on The Adventures of Soul Clap. We always support up and coming DJs and Crew Love is True Love, so we said “give it a shot”. The first mix he turned in had a great early summer vibe, but we were really busy finishing our album and didn’t have time to post it. Then he opened for us at the Love Train party in Lebanon and we got to talking about his Arabic disco roots. That really intrigued me, so I asked him to try a mix of the jams that influenced him growing up. Part of the point of The Adventures is to push DJs out of their comfort zone and this is a perfect example of magic coming from exploration!

Some words from Karim:

In this episode, I fly you through a journey of carefully selected Disco/Funk tracks produced by some of the best musicians in the Arab, Turkish and French world such as Omar Souleyman, Elias Rahbani & his Orchestra,etc… This mix represents the domination of the Ottoman Empire in Lebanon and the Arab world between the year 1516 until the end of World War 1 in 1918. The colonization was followed by the French until 1943. Lebanon has been “Free” since. Midway through 2016 and we are still witnessing useless conflicts around the world, caused by a handful who seeks power and money. We should focus less on our political differences and shift that focus to what unites us as humans. Music has always been a universal language.

Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz feat. Metin Alatli (Baris K Edit) – Kamuran Akkor
Mawal Menzal (Original Mix) – Omar Souleyman
La Dance De Nadia (Original Mix) – Elias Rahbani
Ana Ouna – Maurice El Médioni meets Roberto Rodriguez
Donme Dolap (Baris K Edit) – Modern Folk Uclusu
Instrumental – Elias Rahbani
Tawwalt El Gheba feat. Gilles Peterson (Original Mix) – Omar Souleyman
Y’a du blues (Tans Pis C’est La Vie) – Marché Noir
Liza Liza – Elias Rahbani & his Orchestra
Summer Love – Elias Rahbani & His Orchestra
Laure Ohoubouki – Feiruz

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Episode 134: Karim’s Arabic Disco

House Of EFUNK Episode 2: Till Von Sein

House Of EFUNK Detroit is just 2 days away and to celebrate here’s the second episode of the new House Of EFUNK Podcast. Episode 2 is Till Von Sein recorded live on the patio of The Electric Pickle at House Of EFUNK Miami in March. Till is one of our favorite DJs and Germans all rolled into one funky package and he’s a Soul Clap podcast regular (Till Von Swizzle & Till’s Precious Podcast). It’s a pleasure to welcome him back especially with this extra special 3 hours set. The sun was setting and the party was just getting going and Till set it off perfectly.

House of EFUNK Detroit 2016 is Saturday!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Soul Clap’s House of EFUNK Podcast Episode 2: Till Von Sein Live at The Electric Pickle