Free Download: Michael The Lion “Get It On” feat. Amy Douglas

“Positivity, tolerance and love are in short supply right now. When Amy sang this song, she was going through a really tough time. The creation of this song was a therapeutic process. It has served that purpose several times. The first time we performed it live, during a Pride-related event, unbeknownst to us, the Orlando nightclub massacre was taking place across the country. The next day I thought about that moment and listened back to the song and wondered where to find hope.

This song was supposed to come out several months from now but Eli [from Soul Clap] contacted me on Wednesday morning and we agreed, we need to share our therapy with you sooner, rather than later. In Amy’s words, “for all of the songs that have come before, begging and pleading with our humanity to be better to each other, it would seem it’s not enough, so we wrote one more.” – Michael The Lion

David Marston – Kindness Of Bearer EP

Kindness of Bearer

Out now on Soul Clap Records is the return of musical fresh blood David Marston with his Kindness of Bearer EP. This four tracker of originals is the second release with the label for the Jamaican born Marston who delivers a body of smooth and sexy selections that was realized and named in honor of an endearing custom of friendly exchange. The music is a collaborative effort between David, several of his close friends and New York based vocalist Bridgette Zozula. With kindness, they, along with Soul Clap Records, present this package of special musical content.