Episode 135: Psolomon / Absence


This month the podcast is finally back with more episodes! First up Psolomon Williams aka Absence who we were first introduced to when he rapped on beats by Tanner Ross and Jules Born. Now, as Absence he’s DJing free form house music and we’re happy to share the sounds with you.

Born and Raised in Virginia Beach Virginia, Psolomon Williams aka Absence grew up playing piano at a very young age. In his early teenage years absence created and participated in medal core and hardcore bands. After relocating to Miami in 2011 he first became immersed in house music culture by frequenting venues like The Electric Pickle and Treehouse. Grounded in his Virginia roots along with the cultural melting pot of his Miami surroundings, Absence began to experiment with his music blending electronic, hip hop and elements of Jazz with the song structure of metal. Absence more recently moved to Los Angeles where he is now Djing in a variety of underground dance and electronic music venues and parties. Biggest Influences: Mobb Deep, Metallica, Boy Sets Fire, Tool, Clipse

Laksa- Contrasts
Larry Houl- Barbarian Nights
Peggy Gou- Rose
Floating Points- Nut Sonores
Million Dollar Orchestra- Keeps me up late at night
Dizzy Womack- Slava 47
Dizzy Womack- She Goes Back (Original Mix)
Rhythm and Soul- Late Night City
Times Are Ruff- Great Funkin Times
Rekchampa- 7713GH
Rekchampa- All I Have
Le Yeux- Coco
Dizzy Womack- French Sin
Ohbliv- 94 Gortex Bubble Jacket
Secret Value Orchestra- Serious Intentions

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Episode 135: Psolomon / Absence

Free Download: Michael The Lion “Get It On” feat. Amy Douglas

“Positivity, tolerance and love are in short supply right now. When Amy sang this song, she was going through a really tough time. The creation of this song was a therapeutic process. It has served that purpose several times. The first time we performed it live, during a Pride-related event, unbeknownst to us, the Orlando nightclub massacre was taking place across the country. The next day I thought about that moment and listened back to the song and wondered where to find hope.

This song was supposed to come out several months from now but Eli [from Soul Clap] contacted me on Wednesday morning and we agreed, we need to share our therapy with you sooner, rather than later. In Amy’s words, “for all of the songs that have come before, begging and pleading with our humanity to be better to each other, it would seem it’s not enough, so we wrote one more.” – Michael The Lion