Episode 122: K Civ’s Soul Cast

Last month we dropped a beautiful edit EP from one of our favorite Boston DJs, K Civ. Now we bring you a podcast so you can hear why we love him so much! A nice little smooth out soul cast mix. An eclectic soul tickler mix, full of unreleased edits/mixes along with some serious dance floor grooves.

Here’s a little more from his bio:

For nearly 20 years K Civ (aka DJ KC Hallett) has brought healing, empowerment and joy to many lives through music. K Civ’s passion with music began as a dance enthusiast who traveled hundreds of miles from all over New England and NY frequenting many venues including “The Loft” in Boston and “Shelter” in New York City. However an injury which could have been perceived as a misfortune actually was the opportunity for a transition that allowed him to manifest his love of music by bringing it to others. He started collecting and mixing records to keep him involved with the music he loved. It started with just Deep House music but has branched out into many genres of music. As he stays true to the House music sound he also has a love for Jazz, R&B soul, D&B, Techno, Reggae, Disco Classics, Global Soul, etc.

K Civ moved to Boston from New Hampshire in 1998 and started focusing on his DJ career. To help with his initiation into the craft of being a DJ, K Civ worked in three record stores in Boston (Biscuithead, Boston Beat and Satellite records) and spun at numerous venues from Boston to New York. K Civ is well known for being a resident DJ at Soul Revival, which was Boston’s longest running dance party. Soul Revival was noted by both Rolling Stone and Urb Magazine as one of the hottest dance parties in the US. He has also spun with plenty big name DJs in the business (see shared bookings).

1. Charles Earland “Coming To You Live” (intro)
2. Bosq feat. Nicole Willis “Bad For Me” (late night dub)
3. D’Angelo “Betray My Heart” (k civ mix)
4. Eddie Palmieri “Yoruba Chant” (k civ edit)
5. Sampha “Without” (k civ mix)
6. Ancient Deep “The Dancing Balafon”
7. D.Y.A “Horace”
8. Bjork “Stonemilker” (k civ mix)
9. Guy Gerber & Dixon “No Distance”
10. David Anthony & Beverlei Brown “I Don’t Know Why” (manoo remix)
11. Dee Dee Sharp Gamble “Nobody Could Take Your Place” (k civ extended edit)

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 122: K Civ’s Soul Cast

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