Hard Day Of The Dead Tracklist

You may have noticed that one of our favorite things about DJing is that we get to teach about the history of dance music. So our set last Saturday at Hard Day Of

The Dead Festival in L.A. was an exciting opportunity for us to reach and teach the new generation of fans in the U.S. We were a little nervous considering we were really the only artists playing anything soft, slow or old at the festival so we spent hours preparing. Our hard work really paid off as the kids went nuts through most of our set culminating in us dropping Ronnie Hudson’s classic “West Coast Poplock”.

In general the twitter response was great, but this one was the best…

Kyle, we can’t thank you enough for asking this question. You see The chorus of California Love is really a quote from Ronnie Hudson’s 1982 version. The best part though was in putting this post together I also learned that Roger Troutman of Zapp fame was also on the 2Pac & Dr Dre hit from 1995. This whole music thing is kinda like school and that’s why do what we do… GOTTA TEACH THE KIDS!

Unfortunately we didn’t record the set, but here’s a tracklist for the curious ones:
No Regular Play – Birdfeathers
Justin Martin – The Gurner (Tanner Ross is too high to fly the spaceship Mix)
Wolf + Lamb vs. Soul Clap – Weekend Affair
Slow Hands & Tanner Ross – All The Same
Recloose – Don’t Get Me Wrong
Sano – Chupa!
Fax Yourself – Strut Your Techno Stuff
Thodoris Triantafillou – You Can Do It
Nick Monaco – Don’t Hate Create
A Number Of Names – Shari Vari
James Curd – Yellow Magic
Mr. V – H.O.U.S.E (Filipe Narciso’s Late Night Mix)
Sumo ft. Clarisse Muvemba – Lovebeat (Dub)
George Kranz vs. Kraftwerk – Din Daa Daa
Ronnie Hudson – West Coast Pop Lock


  1. You guys were amazing! It was my first time FINALLY seeing you two and i could not be more happy! Thank you so much for all the great music and inspiration!

  2. Julian Haro says:

    You guys were great that night & thank you for using my video (mrraver177). if i would have known that you guys use amateur vids i would’ve recorded the whole set. :)

  3. Kyle Batson says:

    Thank you so much for that set, I love the vibes you brought to that tent. You guys totally set off the night for me personally, when you dropped Din Daa Daa I lost it! Please come back soon.

  4. […] the same and that is always great to see. Check out their tracks below and the acccompanying link here which includes their Hard Day of the Dead set list and a bit more about who these guys are as […]

  5. Michael Fortune says:

    Wow, that set was the highlight of the entire festival for me, absolutely fantastic. This music is very underrepresented at big festivals here in California. What stood out the most was how much you care about the fans, I appreciate your posts on twitter and taking the time to publish your tracklists. Keep it up guys!

  6. djelyte says:

    so turns out red bull recorded the set and you can listen here: http://soulclap.us/2012/11/26/live-hard-day-of-the-dead-2012/

  7. Tommy C.. says:

    thank you for posting this delicious mix, i’ve been drooling over the tracklist since you posted it