Free Claps For Your Xmas, Hanukah, Kwanza & NYE 2012!

Ok so it’s the same holiday card as last year, but our cracked version of Photoshop stopped working, and besides we’ve had more important things to worry about, like finishing our album! No wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves so let’s start at the beginning oh loyal clappers: Wether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza or something else, this time of year is the perfect time to get together with people you love and celebrate life! Here on the mothership we know that dancing is one of the best celebrations of all and we’re encouraging you, our amazing Clapper family to celebrate by Shaking Those Fries…

FREE HOLIDAY DL! Shake Those Fries by Soul Clap & FreE.P.

…and if you really wanna Shake Those Fries, make sure to join us on New Year’s Eve 2012 at our home in Miami, The Electric Pickle…

…but that’s not all. Our holiday wishes wouldn’t be complete without sharing a new mix to help you get down, now and of course on New Year’s Eve. Some of you might have heard it before over on the Louche podcast, but either way our Music 4 Grown Folks, Tribute To Cyrus mix is all about family (the track were selected by one of the promoter’s Dads!) and perfect for listening to with your best friends. And if you already know this one, there’s still a ton more on our our Soundcloud playlist chock full ‘o’ mixes…

Mixes by Soul Clap & FreE.P.

…ok, if you’re still reading now clearly you’re nominated for Clapper of the year

award and you might actually be interested in our recap of the year that was. 2011 was the year we got to remix our idols. From DJ Harvey to Robert Owens to Raze to Joakim to Laid Back and many more you can check ’em all out on our Beatport page. Then there’s the original music, Lonely C, Incoming Bitch, Fried Chicken, our jams with Art Depratment and the Shady Shores EP with our homie for life Tanner Ross. We also can’t forget that we released not one official mix cd, but 2, one of which was for the legendary DJ Kicks series and both were selected for a number of top compilation lists. Finally there’s the videos, there was the class we taught at Dubspot and our appearance in Prince Paul’s documentary, plus the Lonely C video contest and a ton of tour footage that you can check out on our Youtube channel.

Woooof, what a crazy year and we couldn’t have done it without all of you amazing Clappers! Now just wait til you hear what we have in store for 2012…

-The Clap


  1. kingo says:

    if I could, I’d add you like about 300x.

    thx & merry xmas!