The MAM FreE.P.

Hard to believe it’s been more than a year since our Clap & Friends FreE.P. and almost two since we kicked off the series with three slices of r&b infused house that came to define a chunk of our sound. With everything that’s happened in the last 2 years it would be easy to forget the importance of giving back, but fear not loyal clappers, we wont let you down. So for FreE.P. #3 we continue in the spirit of “showcasing unreleased, but dance-floor-tested material for free download on our website” with three certified bombs by men of the moment, MAM. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so let’s go back in time…

It was “One of Them Nights” back in late 2009 and as usual we were at an afterparty in Leeds when a sudden urge left us very much in need of a spliff. “I got that chronic right here, blood” came a voice from none other than the track-master himself, Miguel Campbell. As you probably gathered from the podcast we just posted, it was love at first smoke and 2 years down the road the music of Miguel, and his partner in MAM, Matt Hughes have become staples in almost all our DJ sets. You can get the whole scoop on MAM in the podcast post, but to make a long story short, after the massive response we got for including “Can’t Live Without Music” on our Essential Mix we figured it was time to big up our boys with FreE.P. That is, before Wolf + Lamb stepped in and offered up a four track on their Black Label. At the time, we figured we could help give the record an extra push, but little did we know Miguel was about to blow…

But lets cut to the chase, we’re so proud to have these MAM tracks as our latest FreE.P. They are 3 bonafide dance-floor bombs that have become staples in our DJ sets over the summer and are a fantastic representation of the MAM sound; thumping french-touched, sample-crazy

house music, but slowed down for a new generation. First in line, “Reel Sweet” is a warmup weapon of choice, perfect for getting into the 80’s mode and seducing the crowd. Next up is “One Of Them Nights (Alternative Mix)”, a special version of one of the most requested MAM cuts off the Wolf + Lamb Black release. This interpretation is guaranteed to get you down, Mr Ocean would be proud. Last, but certainly not least, is “Can’t Live Without Music”, the jam that started it all. Its a slowed down, bass-heavy vocoder workout that is a personal favorite and a theme song for our journey along this long road we call music. YEAHHH BOI!


  1. javi senz says:

    Still waitinf for you in MADRID!!!
    big hugs amigoss!!

  2. shawne says:

    YES! Thank you guys!

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