Episode 94: 39 Minutes of Funk with MAM

As we’ve said before, one of the best perks

of DJ around the world is meeting other amazing DJs and producers. This is really what The Adventures of Soul Clap Podcast is all about and this episode is definitely one of the crowning achievements of our mission. MAM (Matt Hughes & Miguel Campbell) are a duo based in Leeds, England. The two producers met online via their mutual love for Daft Punk and in 2007, decided to join forces and recreate that classic French Touch sound. Unless you live under a rock you’ve heard of Miguel Campbell and his beautiful summer anthem “Something Special“, but if you’ve been paying attention you’ve heard his music in almost every one of our sets since we met him at an after party in Leeds almost 2 years ago!

Miguel is one of those people that you say “it couldn’t have happened to better guy”. His productions (both solo and with MAM) have brought back French Touch and always bring the funk in the unique way that we were waiting for, he runs his own label called Outcross (which is already 19 releases deep!), but he’s also one of the nicest, most grounded dudes we’ve met in this game. With Matt, he forms a production powerhouse that have been turning out some of the sexiest and most solid edits around and scored them the most recent Wolf + Lamb Black release. Now we have the honor of feature their first mix together in years right here on our podcast, but that’s not all… next week we’re doing our next FreE.P. of MAM edits all for you!

For this mix Matt and Miguel have turned out 39 of minutes of MAM tracks and captured their amazing sound of funk, disco and of course house. So we leave you with their own words, “Love, Lights, Music and More…”

MAM – Music And More (replayed / LIVE edit )
MAM – Might And Magic
MAM – Starlight Music
MAM – Throw Down
MAM – Lucky Star (dub)
MAM- Missing Love
MAM – Traffic
MAM – Falling Skies
MAM – Man And Man
MAM – Air City
MAM – Devine

The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 94: 39 Minutes of Funk with MAM