Episode 92: Davide From Sedma's Mixtape For Heartbreak

So way back in April right after our DJ Kicks compilation was released and we were promoting our Lonely C single, !K7 and Bearport got together and asked us to curate a Mixcloud competition. Because Lonely C is all about loneliness (duh) and looking for love we decided that the comp should be a “mixtape for the brokenhearted”. Of course this is a very open ended theme just the way we like it here on the mothership and therefore we got a ton of diverse and beautifully painful entries (for some runner-up highlights click here), but the mix that won was simply described as “Love Saves The Day”. You know we believe in the power of love and one

listen to Davide from Sedma‘s Mixtape for Heartbreak proved to us that our winner does to. Much like Tanner’s recent mix here on The Adventures of Soul Clap, Davide pushed aside traditional beat-matching techniques and chose to instead showcase the music. While some people poo-poo this style, we simply point them to David Mancuso and the legendary loft and to hear such a young DJ as Davide understand the history is super exciting to us. Even cooler… we actually met him when we played in his home town, Ferrara, Italy. So get cozy with your heartbroken self, or even sit down and cry with someone special and open your ears to the power of love…

Chromeo – I Can’t Tell You Why
Diana Ross & The Supremes – Take Me I’m Yours
General Caine – For Lovers Only
The Temptations – I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You)
Bill Cosby – Yes, Yes, Yes
SECT – In The Park feat. Ben Westbeech

The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 92: Davide From Sedma’s Mixtape For Heartbreak