Episode 88: DJ Kon, Boston Disco Don

This podcast sure has been a long time coming. Chances are if you’ve read our interviews you’ve seen us mention one of our greatest Boston mentors, DJ Kon. This is the guy who discovered us during our Next Generation Productions years when we, along with our old business partner Sammy Sokol used promote hip-hop and pop club nights in the Bean. Back then we had a Saturday night residency at a club called Aria along with Kon and it was there we became friends. He could tell we were serious about DJing but still had a lot to learn and we were very fortunate to become his students!

Kon, born Christian Taylor, is a living, breathing encyclopedia of all things disco. His gargantuan vinyl collection has earned him the title “King Of Digging” by BBE Records who put out a compilation under the same name along with fellow record collector Amir (BBE also signed a 5-album compilation series deal called On-Track). He also has managed to position himself in the middle of a group of anonymous mutli-track collectors known only as the “Super Friends” who posses digital versions of the original recording sessions of some of pop musics greatest artists such as Stevie Wonder, Barry White, Michael Jackson and on and on and on! This resource along with Kon’s endless knowledge of music has resulted him creating some of the most dance-floor friendly Re-Edits we’ve EVER heard. Now, most of the best ones are unreleased, but you can check out Kon’s Off-Track vinyl series and pickup some of these gems.

We’re really excited to finally have a mix from our Boston homie. He seriously has to be one of the most skilled technical DJ’s to ever walk this earth and you can hear it in his programming and mixing. Always keeping the flow of mood and even mixing songs in key! We want to thank Kon for all he’s done for us and hope you enjoy. Oh lastly, he’s currently looking for a new agent to handle his European/World bookings. If any agencies are interested, please send us an email to info@soulclap.us.

Here’s some words from the man himself:
This mix was recorded live at Cult club in Moscow for their 10 yr anniversary party. This was my 2nd time rocking this venue and knew from the last time that it would be live. Its the only club in Moscow that has built its rep for DJs playing truly eclectic, free sets… not just house music all night long, but really everything and anything honest. From disco to boogie to jazz funk and latin… and the dancers go off ! I purposely didnt include any of my own edit/remixes. With that being said, I knew it would be summer time, my favorite time & warm sounds resonate with me most, but I also wanted to include a moody vibe as well and drop some house… a side of me that many seem not to know im into, so I close out the mix with a favorite tune of mine by my homie Eli Escobar …”Anniversary” (which is rumored to drop at the end of the summer) as well as a remix by Julio Bashmore ( a new fav producer of mine) and a few other house jams. Im loving the return to the 88-90 sound of house.. that Detroit touch, simple.. banging, party time…lets go.. dance floor shit. 

BBRA – Dallas
Firefly – Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side (80s Edit)
Circle City – Magic
Matthew Dear – Little People
Ben E. King – Broadway (? Remix)
Logg – Dancing Into The Stars (Jon Morales Edit / Kon Live Edit)
Gene Chandler – Get Down
For Real People – Love Begins With You (Kon Live Edit)
Alexander Holland – Best Of Me (? Remix)
MCDE – Makin Love
Elektrons – Sunshine Love
Mystic Merlin – Just Can’t Give You Up (Gerald W Edit)
Eli Escobar – Anniversary
Classixx – Into The Valley (Julio Bashmore Remix)
Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up (Eli Escobar’s Unreleased Remix)
Butch – No Worries (Let No Man Put Us… Aquarius Edit)

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 88: DJ Kon, Boston Disco Don


  1. KON says:

    Thanks fellas !!!! So, the ben e king tune… is by my homie Frank Booker outta NZ…titled “El Salvador” ( its ben e king flipped ) Also, the mix isnt live from the club… its live from my lab… 2 turntables, straight pass.

  2. Smooth Bruce says:

    KON lives! Been gone way to long. When are you coming to NZ next?

  3. MillsBills says:

    Uff, this mix. Just fantastic.

  4. Hot mix. Thanks for the upload and including the track list. It doesn’t get more bangin then this!

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  8. ko-t says:

    PLEASE PLEASE help me find the Ben E. KIng remix…dope hope

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