Episode 87: Wolf+Lamb vs Soul Clap Live @ Modern Love Affair Pt 2

So if you haven’t noticed, we just finished up a massive tour in support of the DJ Kicks mix we put out with Wolf+Lamb on !K7 at the end of March. After an amazing April spent criss-crossing Europe, we took the show back home to North America in May, ending with the Grand Finagle during Movement, Detroit. It was probably the best 2 months of our lives and luckily we recorded one of our favorite sets right at the end, at our gig at Footwork, Toronto for The Modern Love Affair party. The concept for the tour was the 4 of us (WLSC) playing from start to finish at each club, so we figured it was right to give you all 6 hours of this one across 2 podcasts. On The Adventures Of Soul Clap we bring you part 2, with the party already going full steam and the sexy disco vibes flowing freely. If you want to start at the beginning or get into the opening styles later, make sure to head over to the Wolf+Lamb Podcast and grab part 1.

Before we go we also want to say a huge thank you to all our friends, fans and freaks. We also can’t forget all the promoters who made the parties, everyone at !K7 who pushed the album, all the journalists who wrote about it and of course our agents who put in the work to make it all possible. We love you all and let’s keep making magic, one dancefloor at a time!

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 87: Wolf+Lamb vs Soul Clap Live @ The Modern Love Affair Pt 2


  1. Donna says:

    You guys killed it in Seattle! Thank you so much for all of your great musical energy and sweet dispositions. You guys are a rare breed. Please be sure to reply to my email so I can blog your answers. Cheers!

  2. enio cabeleira says:

    damn niiiice mix :)
    how about a tracklisting hahahaha

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  4. ben s says:

    hey guys.. can´t get it on itunes, got part 1 from W+L but not this one…. is it just me or is it not up yet???
    peace! enjoy the old continent once again

  5. Sean says:

    great mix. anyone know the first three tracks on this?

  6. wigginz says:

    what’s the track that starts around min 59?

  7. Boo Fears says:

    thanks 😉 food for my ears !! yeam yeam

  8. Genesis says:

    Track listing, Pleassseee!

  9. danny g says:

    what the heck is that “baby come backkk” trackkk???? not knowing is giving me nightmares, please help!!

  10. Vlad says:

    indeed a track list plz 😀

  11. Pato s says:

    track id on the first track please need to know

  12. Amy says:

    love love love
    just wondering what the track is around 53mins ‘you’re my one and only, you control my heart beat’

  13. Bones says:

    I will blow you for a tracklist. It is…..That good.

  14. nano rot says:

    hey sean 1 rack is mario basanov – lonely days

  15. High Heals says:

    Mad Props from Sydney, Tracklist would be like Christmas! C mon Santa Dish out the Pressies. Shredlarge!

  16. nano rot says:

    haha totally agreee heals¡¡¡¡
    i’m getting crazy trying to remember a song from this set, starts at 1:18 20
    if someone knows the track plz save me

  17. Genesis says:

    Track listing is available at Soundcloud… if you Google the podcast and soundcloud you’ll find the mix on there with people commenting on the tracks. Hope this helps!

  18. Emm says:


  19. Lein says:

    track id on min. 66 – part2 Please!!!!

    I felt it in the villa – Barcelona

  20. You have a next level sound. We need your vibe in Calgary!!! There’s a few people here trying to influence the masses #YYC

  21. michael woolnough says:

    Shazam you fools x

  22. michael woolnough says:

    And looslees pleeeease x

  23. michael woolnough says:

    lossless even {alac}