Episode 52: Nicolas Jaar, Live @ MWT

Sometimes the quality of talent that we have at our weekly Wednesday party, Midweek Techno, just BLOWS me away. Like does Boston even realize the resource they have right under their NOSES??? Doubtful, but alas, we keep on truckin.

Take for example a few months back when we PROUDLY presented the extraordinary talents of the young producer/live performer Nicholas Jaar. At only 19 years old (a FRESHMAN at Brown University) this young French transplant and musical prodigy has created quite a stir with releases for the likes of Wolf + Lamb and AirDrop Records and now on his own imprint, Clown and Sunset.

I’ve always been a bit iffy about Ableton sets, quite often it seems like the energy just isnt there. Nicolas Jaar’s performance however, is quite the contrary, his music weaves together like the gils of a french accordion, taking us all over the musical spectrum, way beyond simply DANCE music. Melodies, moods, emotions, seems like sky’s the limit for young Nico.

Just a few more tidbits: Seth Troxler’s remix of Nicolas Jaar “The Student” was the flipside to the recent deep bomb “Aphrika EP” that seems to be getting canned everywhere. Don’t sleep just cuz it doesn’t feature The Angelizer. Also, Nico is in cahoots with fellow Parisian Le Loup (performing at Midweek Techno June 3rd), who has also just released digitally the “See Line Ep” on Wolf + Lamb, again with a remix of “The Student” and another titled “Nico’s Bath Dance” which I imagine was created by both of these two yoots.

Sorry, no idea what was played, although I think I hear the Violent Femmes in there!

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Episode 52: Nicolas Jaar, Live @ MWT

Boston Doing It BIG on RA

Ah yes, what a proud moment indeed! How often is it that Boston gets proper love on Resident Advisor? Very rarely. And how often is it that TWO roommates (Cnyce and the great Tanner Ross) receive nearly back-to-back features on the same day?? Dude, like NEVAH kid!

Anyways, mega props to Tanner Ross and James aka Killowatts for their hard work on the long awaited Voodeux album titled The Paranormal slated for release in July on Claude Von Stroke’s Mothership label, and big up the Soul Clap massive because the legacy of the “Love Light” and “Conscious” edits on due out in June on Wolf + Lamb Black just keeps on living!

Episode 51: Randy Deshaies’ Unauthorized History

You know, sometimes Boston can be a very difficult place to have good time. Sure there’s places to see and people to do, just like any other city, but it just feels like overall everyone is out for the taking. Well, that’s not true of Randy Deshaies, he just gives and gives and keeps on giving.

Deshaies is a New England DJ hero and one of Boston’s pioneers of the San Fran/Chicago house sound that swept the late 90’s and early 2000’s. His crew, the ever so rave-a-ly named Marz Entertainment, launched in the mid 90’s and ran for over a decade at the top of the local dance music scene and his Sunday night party at the Phoenix Landing called Bump, with resident DJs Randy, Sergio Santos and Ryan Obermiller was responsible for countless DJ sets from the likes of Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Heather, Colette, DJ Sneak, Diz, Justin Martin and many others.

Fast forward to the future and It is with great pleasure that we present a mix from Mr. Deshaies himself. Here’s a few words from the man who describes his podcast as “upbeat and vibey with a touch of nostalgia to grab the essence of DJing as I interpret it. [The songs represent] two decades of some instrumental tunes and choice selections that have shaped my passion for House Music. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride…”

Dont miss the upcoming Bump Reunion party taking place Sunday, May 24th at the Phoenix Landing in Cambridge!!!

1. Terry Lee Brown Jr. – Take Your Time – Plastic City
2. Iz & Diz – Love It, Dub It (Fred Everything mix) – Silver Network
3. Global Communication – The Way (Secret Ingredients mix) – Dedicated
4. Romanthony Presents Lifestyles – Trust (Ghost mix) – Downtown 161
5. Roland Clark – Resist (Jinx Soul Power mix) – Cassagrande
6. Corrie – Some Bizarre – Presslab
7. Harris & Dominic – Get Involved – Nordic Trax
8. Swag – Drum Hydraulics (Version 6) – Junior Boy’s Own
9. Mood II Swing – Do It Your Way – Groove On
10. Angel Moraes – Hairy & Big (Fun With It dub) – Hot&Spicy
11. BT – Remember (Mood II Swing mix) – Perfecto
12. DJ Sneak – How I Feel – Robsoul
13. The Absolute feat Suzanne Palmer – There Will Come A Day – TRIBAL America
14. DJ Q – Optimum Thinking – Filter
15. Tata Box Inhibitors РPlasmids РTouch̩

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Episode 51: Randy Deshaies’ Unauthorized History