Episode 36: Matty Dimond Sets The VIBE

Every once and a while there comes along a DJ that has SUCH INCREDIBLE PROGRAMING strength, that they leave the rest of the punters staring at their music collection wondering why they hadn’t thought of playing like that years ago. Boston based Matty Dimond is THAT DJ, take a listen to his mix and you’d swear you were listening to Dixon, Trickski, maybe even an old Mark-E mix. Deep, sophisticated, dance music for grown folks!

Matty is also one half of The Bald and The Beautiful outfit along side Tanner Ross. His production appears on labels such as Odori and Utensil.

Quiet Village “Victoria’s Secret”
Recloose “Deeper Waters”
Soulphiction “Dark Berry”
Nomumbah “Like A Rainbow” Dub
LCD Soundsystem “All My Friends” Harvey Mix
Quiet Village “Can’t Be Beat”
Mark E “Fighter”
Lexx “El Sueno Lucido”
Soulphiction “Prison Song”
Project Sandro “Blazer”
Mark E “Pulse Friction”
Recloose “Walk In Turquoise”
Randolph “Believer” Jazzanova Mix
Hercules And Love Affair “Roar”
40 Thieves “Huffbochente”
Toby Tobias “The Feeling” I:Cube Mix
Mark E “Slave 1”