Boston DJ Roundtable + Party

It’s been a crazy month for us in the press, from Dancing On The Charles getting featured on to The Giraffe getting selected as a WMC Track on the Beatportal blog we’ve been all over this place the last couple weeks. Maybe best of all though is the article that came out in Boston’s stuff@night magazine’s first ever music issue last Monday. Not only was it an honor to sit on a roundtable interview with some of Boston’s most influential DJs, but stuff@night really let us all get our points across by printing the entire interview instead of turning it into a story (and even went one step further by posting outtakes on their website). It was such a big deal that they even interviewed us on The Sandbox Morning Show on WFNX about the article and Boston DJs in general (check the interview below for some sillyness). It’s super exciting that creative, hard working and good Boston’s DJs are finally getting some shine, lord knows we need it in this city. And if you’re around this coming Monday (4/14) then make sure to hit the official roundtable party at The GoodLife, we’ll all be playing 2 sets, 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs and it’s invite only so make sure to RSVP.

Soulclap WFNX Interview