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Yes We Can!

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Shepard Fairey's Hope/Elysian Park Obama Billboard
Shepard Fairey’s Hope/Elysian Park Obama Billboard

The pro-Obama musical onslaught has finally found it’s way into the realm of house music. As those of you who have been scanning the Beatport home page already know, House Music United’s ‘Yes We Can’ is (at the time of blogging) the site’s second most downloaded track. The track features snippets of Barack’s ‘Yes We Can’ speech on the night of the New Hampshire Primary back in Februrary.

‘Yes We Can’ is the latest of a slew of pro-Obama tracks. Notably, reggae musician Coco Tea has been chanting the candidate’s last name over his track, and Will.I.Am & Friends made their black and white tribute, also titled ‘Yes We Can’, in sync with the Senator’s speech itself.

Yes We Can was Released on Reinvent Music, a generic electronic dance music label sporting glamour DJs like Antoine Clamaran and Roger Sanchez. Not much is known about the producer(s) behind the moniker House Music United. Is this just an opportunistic record label’s attempt to make a quick buck of off current events, or a genuine commemoration of what just might go down as one of the most historic speeches of our century? Clappers and Clappettes, that judgement is yours to make.

mixTAPE Time 10: Italoboyz @ Cheap Sunglasses WMC

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Hot damn, I can’t believe we haven’t done a mixTAPE Time since last year. But hey, we’re finally back and boy do we have a treat for you. If you ask anyone who was there they’ll tell you that the Cheap Sunglasses afterhours at PS-14 was the highlight of WMC ’08 (shout out to The BLK|Market Membership and Udder Madness). I mean how can you go wrong when you have two rooms of underground beats, well actually one room and one super chill sunlit back patio, in a super intimate venue with only real music-heads (not the Space/Nocturnal meat-heads) from 8am-10pm. Basically you can’t, and to top it all off Italoboyz absolutely killed it with a old-school New York influenced minimal/house/garage set in the sunshine, and now we have a recording of it for you!

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Italoboyz @ Cheap Sunglasses (PS-14) WMC ’08 DOWNLOAD


Sunday, April 20th, 2008

flyer by erik jackson

Masters At Work pt. 2 (TN-010)

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Continuing from where we left off, it’s the crack of the 90s, and Little Louie Vega and Kenny Dope Gonzalez are well on their way to building their reputation as Masters at Work. 1993 saw them release their first album, The Album. A combination of singles released up to that point as well as some new production, it includes some early classics, like Blood Vibes. As remixers, MAW found themselves working with artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Ce Ce Peninston, and Donna Summer, but the best was still yet to come.

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Nuyorican Soul – Runaway
[Talkin’ Loud – 1997] BUY
Once upon a time, way back when DJs were gathering underground popularity by extending and remixing the pop stars of the time, DJ of DJs Larry Levan had a unique concept. He dreamed of creating a studio album in which the DJ is the maestro. This album would consist of DJ-produced tracks featuring the voices and elements of that DJ’s favorite singers and musicians. In the 1997 album titled Nuyorican Soul by Masters at Work fulfilled that dream. On Nuyorican Soul, MAW celebrate both their Puerto Rican and disco roots and summon the talents of musicians George Benson, Vince Montana, Jocelyn Brown, Roy Ayers, and Tito Puente to create an album that pays tribute to the artists they love. Looking back more than 10 years later it’s more clear than ever that rather than sagging with the overburdening stink of excess stardom, Nuyorican Soul has established itself as one of the greatest dance albums of all time.

This track is a redux of the disco classic of the same name by the Salsoul Orchestra and Lolleata Holloway, Runaway is one of the four singles off of the Nuyorican Soul album. With Louie Vega’s ex-wife La India providing the vocals, they do soulful justice to the original. It was the first single to receive the remix treatment, retouched by 90s greats Armand Van Helden and Mousse T. Armand’s mix (Mogoloids in Space) bumps, and Mousse T provides a more direct dancefloor translation.

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Masters at Work – La India Con La Voe (Viva Puerto Rico) (MAW Tribin’)
[MAW Records – 1997] BUY
In case the parentheses aren’t obvious enough, this tribal tune is an ode to the island of Puerto Rico. Featuring samples of a cheering concert crowd, nationalist & spiritual cries, and La India’s sweet voice all over a set of lively drums, this track has Spanish Harlem Block Party written all over it.

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Kenlou – Gimme Groove
[MAW Records – 1995] BUY
Gimme Groove
is the B-side buddy to Kenlou’s classic The Bounce (which happens to be amongst Cnyce’s favorite tracks- too treasured to post!). Whereas The Bounce is more lively, Gimme Groove is a deeper, nine-minute mood-setter of a track that can really set the tone for a good night out. Definitely maintains the sexy.

The Giraffe Release Parties

Monday, April 14th, 2008


So, clearly a lot going on in the world of Soulclap! As you may already know, our first vinyl (The Giraffe b/w Franco Cinelli Remix) came out last month on AirDrop Records and we’re DOUBLE celebrating first with a listening party early at The LAB in Allston, and then at night with the official release party at our Midweek Techno residency at Phoenix Landing in Cambridge.

The listening party at LAB (113 Brighton Ave) is 7:30-9:30p. First 50 people to ask get a free copy of our Great White Hope vol. III mixtape, which features 15 tracks of Soul Clap originals and remixes!

The official record release at Wednesdays @ Phoenix Landing (512 Mass Ave) is from 10p-1a. We’ve got special guest DJ Die Young (Basstown) opening with a minimal set from 10-11:30 and then Soul Clap closing out. A lucky few might also get a copy the Great White Hope vol. III, MAYBE if they’re luck, REAL lucky…

Boston DJ Roundtable + Party

Friday, April 11th, 2008

It’s been a crazy month for us in the press, from Dancing On The Charles getting featured on to The Giraffe getting selected as a WMC Track on the Beatportal blog we’ve been all over this place the last couple weeks. Maybe best of all though is the article that came out in Boston’s stuff@night magazine’s first ever music issue last Monday. Not only was it an honor to sit on a roundtable interview with some of Boston’s most influential DJs, but stuff@night really let us all get our points across by printing the entire interview instead of turning it into a story (and even went one step further by posting outtakes on their website). It was such a big deal that they even interviewed us on The Sandbox Morning Show on WFNX about the article and Boston DJs in general (check the interview below for some sillyness). It’s super exciting that creative, hard working and good Boston’s DJs are finally getting some shine, lord knows we need it in this city. And if you’re around this coming Monday (4/14) then make sure to hit the official roundtable party at The GoodLife, we’ll all be playing 2 sets, 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs and it’s invite only so make sure to RSVP.

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Soulclap WFNX Interview

Origami Giraffe

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008


Soul Clap X Fairtilzer

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

Shout to Nite Rider for the artwork

The homey Judd aka big ballin in the M.I.A. has been yelling about The Genevan Heathen for awhile now and it’s hard not to feel that Heathen Swagger once you check Rambo’s music and musings. But it wasn’t until we linked up last month on his Fairtilizer project that the family could really sit down and have a feast. What’s Fairtilizer? Oh it’s just “Amplified Word of Mouth”, a website created by some of Geneva’s top musical movers (also including the head of Mental Groove Records) to share, listen and promote music, and Soul Clap are now the official Boston representatives. So far we’ve posted our tracks there and gotten an overwhelming response and also some great exposure for other Boston artists too (so if you have music and you’re from Boston then get at us). In fact we’ve gotten along so well with those swiss guys that they asked us to contribute a playlist to the site, so we did, and now it’s online for your listening pleasure. You can listen to it on the player below or just goto Fairtilizer and check it in person.

House is Back, Jack (RF-016)

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Sebo K

Finally its happening, after 2 years of being washed up by a wave of minimal, techno and electro, HOUSE music begins its triumphant return. Ah yes, a return to the organic drums, organ hits, garage shuffle, jacking Chicago and maybe even (gasp) a vocal or two! How amazing is dance music in 2008? SO amazing.

One of the signs that really caught my attention was back in July 2007 when Spectral Sound‘s Ryan Elliot performed in Cambridge @ the Phoenix Landing. He brought the dopest flavors to his mix. It was like this bouncy techno sound that was littered with House music and Garage accents. Like, one minute he’s playing a brand new release and the next he’s mixing Master’s At Work “The Bounce”, or K.O.T’s “Simon Says Bounce” (wait thats weird, they both have bounce in title… go figure). The point is, in context suddenly these old tunes sounded like they could be new releases.

In 2008 house music was all over WMC. At the underground parties and the after-hours, house didnt dominate like the sounds of tech and minimal (how could it when the headliners are Magda, Anja Schneider and Konrad Black) but at all the right moments, it poked its head out as if to say “hi, remember me, I’m house music, and I’m so damn refreshing right now its not even funny”.

So who’s playing what and what did we hear?

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Junior Vasquez
– Get Your Hands Off My Man (Sound Factory Mix) [Tribal America – 1994] BUY
The Italoboyz (Mothership, Get Physical) really brought the garage and Chicago sound alive in their DJ set at The Cheap Sunglasses After-hours at PS14. They got on the decks around 11:00am and played with tremendous feeling and originality. Of course they dropped a grip of their own tunes, including the jacking new Mothership release that samples John Coltrane called “Bahia”, but it was an edit of Junior Vasquez’s “Get Your Hands Of My Man” that brought us all back, way back, for an “oh shit” moment.

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Track Assassin
– Gimmie Da Drumz [Catalyst Records – 2001] BUY
Sebo K (Mobilee, Get Physical) was the other DJ who just absolutely brought the classic sounds to the party. We saw him twice, first at the Mobilee party on the rooftop of the Townhouse Hotel where he was just killing the old school. He dropped Eddie Amador‘s anthem “House Music” on Yoshitoshi, another jam that was so familiar it made us forget, and this DJ Sneak banger, “Gimmie Tha Drumz” under his Track Assassin moniker on Dust Traxx sister label Catalyst Records

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Josh One
Contemplation (King Britt’s Funke Mix) [Electromatrix – 2001] BUY
As if one performance from the Sebonator wasn’t enough, the man was back in the spotlight (or should we say sunlight) at Sunday School For Degenerates at Pawn Shop. Sandwiched between a tag team set from Joel Mull & Adam Beyer and then Steve Bug, Sebo brought back the house music bounce, dropping “Gimmie Da Drumz” again as well as an edit of King Britt’s remix of “Contemplation” by Josh One, a personal favorite that I haven’t heard in ages.

Thank the gods its all coming back!

Yoyoyo 90’s Jam Spring Ding Dong Edition

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Craig and Smokey are two guys in Los Angeles hanging out on their porch on a Friday afternoon, smoking and drinking, looking for something to do. Encounters with neighbors and other friends over the course of the day and night, and their ensuing antics, make up the rest of the movie.

At Redline – 59 JFK St. – Cambridge – 10p-2a – NO COVER – Here’s a map

The Giraffe On Beatportal

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

We’re baaaack…and better than ever. For the full recap check our official photographer, the Knight Rider’s WMC PHOTO SAFARI or our label, AirDrop Record’s MUSICAL PHOTO TOUR and you can also check more photos up here. Also, soon we’ll be posting all about how HOUSE MUSIC IS MOST DEFINITELY BACK but right now we have some very exciting news to share. In between the Cheap Sunglasses Afterhours and checking Anja Schneider at the Beatport Pool Party we caught up with Beatportal for a quick interview about The Giraffe, which was then featured as a “WMC Track” on their blog (right between interviews with James Zabiela and Josh Wink). The EP is now available for digital purchase on Beatport and the vinyl is being distributed as we speak so we’ll have a link to buy that soon.

Shout out to the homies Paulo & Henry from AirDrop for putting out the vinyl and being ultimate party monsters, Ferk & Andy from Istmo for linking the interview, Knight Rider for the photos and shouts, Sergio for flying down for only 24hours, the entire Boston posse holding it down hard the whole week and of course Juddy & Beba for the blog love.