Episode 26: Soul Clap LIVE! @ MIT Museum

We finally did it. Last Thursday for the first time ever we performed a set that wasn’t on 2 decks. It wasn’t even both of us on 4 decks and 2 mixers. It was Elyte & Cnyce performing on 2 mixers, 1 laptop, 1 turntable, 1 tape deck, 1 Korg MS2000 synth and 1 Kozoh Vespa delay box. It included about 50% original material and the other 50% totally mixed and edited wierdness. It happened at Modulations (pics by Dave Day here) and we recorded the whole damn thing (we got video too that we’ll share when it’s edited). Witness the birth of Soul Clap LIVE! right here, right now on Episode 26 of the Adventures of Soul Clap.

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 26
Soul Clap LIVE! @ Yelp.com’s Modulations – MIT Museum



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  2. Dustin Ruoff says:

    THIS WAS AN AMAZING NIGHT! So much fun playing with you guys! I want to get the recording of our combined set some how!!


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