Moving sucks when you have a million records!

Finally after days of packing and filling up a uhaul truck to bursting we got everything into the new spot. It’s still a mess so when it’s setup we’ll show you the library. Shout outs to Chris CAN (who helped out on his bday!), Ross The Boss, Kevin D, Mistaker, Kaite Bong, Earl the Pearl, Little Billy, Robbie, Jeff the Record Freak, Miss Jessy (for the porno drawings) and anyone I forgot. Not shout outs to Sergio and Tanner for bailing out. LAME!



  1. Fontes says:

    black crack kid !

  2. Lars says:

    tell ‘me about it ..
    When I moved to the US from Hamburg, Germany I had about 12.000 records .. sold about 2.000 which I never even touched (good old vinyl promos) .. good thing.. eBay was still hot for vinyl back then (about 3,5 years ago) ..
    the money I made paid for all the others and my equipment to be shipped over here .. man .. I could have had it cheap and just pack ’em on a boat and done but quite a few people warned me about the risks of heat in a container .. so, I had them all flown to LA . .
    but I’m happy now.. almost all are unpacked (let me remind you .. I moved 3,5 years ago) ..
    I should post a few pics on my site ..

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